Ross: "I Picked the Best One"

Commit No. 11 for Rice came when Schertz Clemens running back Charles Ross made the call. Now that time has passed, Ross looks back on what attracted him to the Owl program and how he feels about his future at Rice. OwlDigest has the latest on Ross…

It's only been a couple of weeks since Schertz Clemens Running Back Charles Ross decided that Rice was the best fit for him. But now that the decision is behind him, how does he feel now?

"I feel good. The recruiting process was pretty good for me," Ross said. "I liked the schools that came after me and recruited me and I just picked the best one."

In the end it was the Owls that got the pledge, but it seemed as though the 6-foot-2, 200 pound Ross had a couple other schools within Conference USA seeking his services.

Houston, UTEP, SMU, and Colorado State were all in line when the final call was made to coach David Bailiff and the staff. And though it was not an easy decision for Ross, he feels good about his choice.

"It was a tough decision. It took me a couple of weeks to figure it out," Ross said. "I had to sit down and talk with my family and we felt that Rice was the best place."

Of the schools that offered, Rice and Houston were the only two that saw Ross on campus. But after thorough evaluation, there were two things that stood out for the Clemens product.

"I thought the academics were great and for the football aspect, I felt like their system (Rice) fit me good," Ross said. "I thought it was just the best place for me."

Ross said that his recruiter, Rice Offensive Line Coach Blake Miller was the one who was guiding him through the process. He spoke on the relationship he built with Miller along the way.

"Basically he was there for me and answered any questions," Ross said. "Whether I had questions about the school or recruiting, he was available. All I can say is that he was there for me."

According to Ross, his commitment at the running back position filled the void that the Owl coaches were looking to fill. In his junior season at Clemens, Ross tallied up 1,259 yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground. On the receiving end, he had 20 catches for 424 yards and seven touchdowns.

So with the numbers listed and a 4.38 40-yard, Ross seemed to be the one pegged for the spot.

So how does that make him feel to be the chosen one?

"It makes you feel good and important," Ross said. "They told me that they were not going to take any more running backs after me. So as soon as I committed, they said that there were not going after any more guys. That made me feel good and I think I will get the chance to play when I get there."

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