Thursday Tidbits

The 2008 Season is just over 2 weeks away. Fall practice has revealed a few pleasant surprises for the Owls, but the work isn't done yet. We've got notes from practice and more in Tidbits this week...

Right about this point in August is usually when you can tell if a team is forming the chemistry needed to be a good team. Based on what I saw at practice last night I'd say the Owls have found it. I'm feeling more confident in the team with each practice.

August Practices

Several position battles are still ongoing but the cohesiveness of the starting units is becoming more and more evident. If I had to make a general statement about the team right now it would be that it looks much more confident in lining up correctly and subsequently executing assignments. The question is what will that mean when the lights come on? Short of making predictions, hopefully that means more wins in 2008 of course. Right now I like the improvement and think all the hard work will show up on the scoreboard.

A Story of Dedication and Perseverance

The Owls had a special guest in their locker room Wednesday night before practice - Astronaut Clay Anderson visited the Owls and shared his personal story. Anderson applied 15 times to become an Astronaut before finally being accepted into the program. Obviously his message was about wanting something, setting the goals needed to achieve it, and then never stopping in your attempts to reach that goal. The team responded well to Anderson's visit and practiced well last night, even though they were somewhat physically tired.

A Good Man

My family had a special thing happen last night at practice. I took both my boys with me as I do frequently. During a break, Coach Bailiff came over to visit and asked to meet my sons, ages 4 and 13. As he visited with my oldest he asked if he knew the Rice players pointing to the field behind him. My son said, "I know who they all are but haven't met them." With that, Coach Bailiff told my son to come with him - and proceeded to personally introduce him to Chase Clement, James Casey, Jarett Dillard and many other players. My son thanked him several times (has to be the good child rearing by Mom) but feeling a little overwhelmed headed back to the stands. Coach Bailiff stopped him and said, "stay down here with us for a while!" My son did and ended up talking to James Casey for about 15 minutes.

Now this may be a small gesture to some, but my son will never forget it (I don't think his feet have touched the ground since!). I mention this because its just another example of the kind of man Coach Bailiff is. He's a quality person, and its no wonder why he's liked so much by so many. Thanks Coach Bailiff.

Now, check inside for the lastest on your 2008 Rice Owls...

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