Two-A-Day Diary: Jarek Lancaster

All current Rice commits have been practicing for their upcoming seasons. Jarek Lancaster shares a little about his experiences in camp so far...

"It has been an interesting week to say the least. We are in the two-a-day routine and I am having a blast. I have been working hard and have only lost about 1.2 pounds this week because the trainer makes sure we hydrate and replenish our carbs every day. I was 205.6 lbs yesterday (Saturday) after practice.

We put on pads for the first time last Friday and we had our first scrimmage on Saturday morning. We look very solid on offense with Jerreal Minor (6'0' 175) at tailback, and Brady Brown (6'2' 275) leading the line. I had time to throw and was able to go 7/11 for 165 yards and a TD with 1 rush for 15 yards. I was satisfied with the numbers for the first scrimmage but there is room to improve. I am very surprised how quick my QB skills have returned.

We had a BBQ lunch and a ‘lock-in" after our scrimmage. The lock in is designed to build team unity and I think it did that. The object is to get to know all your teammates better. A position group is paired with another, for example Offensive Linemen and Defensive Backs, and a player has to learn about someone from the other unit then "present" them to the whole team. The coaches do the same thing with their staff. It builds chemistry and I think we'll be a better team for it.

We have two-a-days all week then we scrimmage NB Canyon and Smithson Valley on Friday. That will be a big test to see how we stack up. I think we are a solid team and will make some noise in the playoffs."

This was my schedule from last week:

Practice Schedules

Monday-1st practice(7:00 am -8:00 am)

periods 1-7 offense/defense

8-10 spread punt

2nd practice(10:00-11:45)

1-3 spread punt

4-18 offense/defense

conditioning: build ups

Tuesday-1st practice(7:00-8:00)

1-7 offense/defense

8-10 kickoff drills

2nd practice(9:30-11:30)

1-3 team kickoff

4-22 offense/defense

(1 on 1; 2 periods)

conditioning: build ups

Wednesday-1st practice(7:00-8:00)

1-7 offense/defense

8-10 kickoff return

2nd practice(9:30-11:30)

1-3 kickoff return

4-22 offense/defense

(pass hull;4 periods)

conditioning: 10 minute run

Thursday-1st practice(7:00-8:00)

1-8 offense/defense

9-10 extra point/punt return

2nd practice(9:30-11:30)

1-2 extra point/ punt return

4-22 offense/defense

(pass hull;3 periods)

conditioning: build-ups

Friday-1st practice(7:00-8:00)

1-7 offense/defense

8-10 team vs. JV

2nd practice(9:30-11:30)

1-4 individual

5-6 inside hull/1 on 1

7-9 pass hull/pass pro

11-18 offense/defense

conditioning: 4-6 x 40s

Saturday 8AM-pictures:Varsity/JV

9-10:30Varsity/JV scrimmage

11-11:45(Varsity only) Lock-In expectations

11:45-12:45 Varsity BBQ dinner

12:45-4:00 Lock-In

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