Jackson Enjoys Trip to Houston

After committing to UAB last summer, Newark St. Benedict Prep Guard Tamir Jackson has reopened recruiting and visited the Rice campus this weekend to check out what the Owls, and new Coach Ben Braun, have to offer...

Looking for Guards that can create their own shot, the Rice Owls brought in 3 Star Combo Guard Tamir Jackson this past weekend on an official visit.

The visit went well for Jackson. He now lists Rice as his leader. He is being recruited by Coach Braun personally.

"I like Coach Braun, he seems like a great guy."

Asked if he sees himself fitting into the Rice Offense Jackson liked the opportunities.

"Rice wants to play a lot of pick and roll, and they want Guards who can makes shots and distribute the ball. I'm a player that can do that."

Jackson toured the campus and was impressed with what he saw.

"The new facility (Tudor Fieldhouse) isn't finished yet but it's going to be a really nice place. It was impressive."

I asked Tamir what he was looking for in his college of choice. He was clear on his priorities.

"I'm looking for acedemics first, and I also want a good player/coach relationship."

That being said, I'm sure its no coincidence that Coach Braun is recruiting Jackson himself. What better way to develop a relationship?

I asked the New Jersey native if distance would be a factor in his decision, he didn't hesitate:

"No not all. I actually like the weather down there (in Houston) - it was very warm. I don't want to play somewhere that's cold."

Right now Jackson has a Top 5 of Rice, Harvard, Virginia Tech, South Carolina and Penn.

I asked how he left things with Coach Braun.

"I told him I like Rice a lot. I'm going to stay in touch during my season and see what happens."

Jackson wasn't sure about when he would commit, and though he will likely take more official visits, does not have any scheduled at the moment.



WEIGHT:180 Pounds

STRENGTHS: Tamir seems to make sure he has a solid handle on the pumpkin when directing the offense. He plays on a team filled with many offensive players who have the ability to take over the game. He has a good first step, forcing his defender to backpeddle from time to time, allowing him to knock down some jumpers.

AREAS TO IMPROVE: The outside game. If Jackson is more consistent in his perimeter game, it will allow him even more opportunities to blow by defenders.

Owl Digest will keep you posted as Rice Head Coach Ben Braun continues to recruit talented players like these for a new era in Owl Basketball...


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