Porras Has Eyes On Another Title

Arizona Defensive Back Paul Porras plays for one of the winningest high school teams in the country - Scottsdale's Saguaro High. The Sabercats have rolled up 31 consecutive wins dating back to the 2006 season when Porras was only a sophomore. The Sabercats have 2 games left towards "3-peating" as State Champions once again...

Rice Running Backs Coach Darrell Patterson made a lot of friends while playing professional football in Canada. One of those friendships was with a Quarterback named Tom Porras. The two played together for Winnipeg and also for Hamilton of the C.F.L.

That relationship paid off for Patterson years later when Porras' older son signed with Stanford in 2006. Patterson was Linebackers Coach in Palo Alto at the time and played a part in gaining Tyler Porras' commit. Tyler is now a Safety for The Cardinal.

Now two years later the friendship is paying off again for Patterson, this time with the pledge of Porras' younger son Paul, who will also be a Safety in college at Rice.

As the saying goes, "its not what you know but who you know". That expression holds especially true in this case.

And thank goodness for that relationship with the older Porras because it looks like Paul has something very special about him. He's a football player that just makes plays - lots of them, every week. He's one of those players that always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Right now Rice is looking for additional playmakers to improve its Defense. Seems the two are a perfect fit.

We've chronicled the younger Porras' 2008 season exploits here each week as his Scottsdale Saguaro Sabercats have marched towards its 3rd straight State Championship.

So here's the recap of Paul's latest game, another Saguaro victory, this one a 28-10 playoff triumph over Glendale Cactus last Friday.

Porras had 10 tackles in the game, an interception that he returned for 10 yards, a 42 yard touchdown scored on a fumble recovery, and a 38 yard touchdown catch in the endzone where Porras made a fingertip grab.

Just a regular day of work for Porras?

Seemingly, but Paul felt pretty good about the game when we spoke yesterday.

"It was one of the best games of my life. The fumble return kind of got things started for us. The Quarterback was scrambling around and I followed the play, next thing I know the ball just pops up into the air. I just grabbed it and took off. It was a great game and a good win for the team. We've got to stay focused on our goal though, and right now winning another State Title is all that matters. Personal accomplishments are great but playing as a team, and winning, is all that really matters when the game's over."

That attitude is just one of the many reasons why the Owls seem to have a special player joining them next summer. And also why Co-Defensive Coordinator and Safeties Coach Craig Naivar is excited to have Porras coming to join his Secondary.

The signature of any great Defensive team is one of making big plays happen when they are needed. Porras seems to have a knack for it. He's got over 70 tackles and 5 interceptions on Defense playing for top ranked Saguaro this season.

Give credit to Patterson for getting him into the fold, but give Paul (and his Dad) the credit for being the player that he is. He's just part of what makes the future so bright for Rice Football, and what makes the Class of 2009 so special...

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