Power At Point Of Attack

Maybe the strongest player at any level in the state, Caddo Mills' Alex Lowry has his eyes set on breaking the state Powerlifting record in 2009...

What do you get when you put together a 6-2 Norwegian father with a Cuban mother?

Answer: one very strong, very fast football player who is committed to be part of the Rice Football 2009 Signing Class - Alex Lowry.

I spoke with Alex Thursday night after he had just finished a workout for the upcoming Powerlifting season. Lowry has competed in organized Powerlifting in all 4 years of his high school career and has his eyes set on breaking the state prep record in the 3 lift total that includes bench press, squat, and dead lift. The record is currently a combined 2,005 pounds.

So what will it take to break the record? Alex explained.

"It's basically going to take an 800 pound squat, a 500 pound bench press, and a dead lift of over 700 pounds."

If you're thinking maybe Alex's goals are unobtainable, they aren't at all. Lowry has actually lifted all three of those poundages already in previous workouts or competitions. He has a very, very realistic chance to set the record.

Alex has a meet in a couple weeks so he is already working to regain strength after a long and successful football season. His season came to an end 2 weeks ago ironically when Caddo Mills lost 33-15 to fellow Rice commit Cody Bauer's Pottsboro team.

Alex commented further on his upcoming Powerlifting season.

"We actually have a meet in a couple of weeks so I have to build my strength back up a little. I did a freestyle (no lifting shirt) bench rep with 400 pounds the other day and a squat rep with 500. Both felt really, really easy, so I feel pretty good about hitting my goals this year of a 500 pound bench and an 800 pound squat. I feel much stronger right now than I did last year at this time."

Alex wears a "lifting shirt" when competing, which is a common practice. The shirt is made of a super strong elastic material that basically compresses all the muscles, allowing for both greater support and more weight to be lifted.

Lowry is incredibly strong with or without the "lifting shirt". I asked where he got his power from.

"I've never taken any supplements at all. I think I just get it from genetics. My biological father is Norwegian, and is a pretty big guy - around 6-2 or so."

Lowry is currently 6-2 292 pounds. His weight has only fluctuated 3-4 pounds all season.

Lowry's power is obviously a tremendous asset at his position on the Defensive Line. He uses his strength, combined with great leverage to really dominate opponents at the point of attack on the line of scrimmage. But Lowry is also surprisingly quick. He timed a 5.00 flat 40 at the Rice Camp in Arlington last year, and also turned in an amazing shuttle time for his size of 4.72 seconds.

He is one half of a "Dynamic Duo" joining the Owls next year. The other hails from right up the road in Pottsboro - Cody Bauer. The two have already developed quite a mutual respect for each other.

I spoke with Cody at the Rice-UH Game and asked about facing Alex when their schools played.

"Alex is a real beast. He's very hard to handle on-on-one. He's a great guy though. We got some pictures together after the game."

Alex spoke just as highly of Cody when I mentioned their match-up in our conversation last night.

"We only locked up about 3 times during the game but it was like hitting a brick wall. He told me the same afterwards. I'm really excited to have the chance to play next to him at Rice."

Pottsboro plays Grandview in the Class 2A, Division II Quarterfinals this weekend.

Rice has 14 current verbal commits, including Alex and Cody.

We'll keep you posted on meet results as Alex makes his way towards the record

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