Owls Checking Out Brigham

Austin St. Andrews' Hank Brigham is on the Rice Owls' radar screen as an athlete that could play a number of positions for them. We caught up with Hank recently to get his thoughts on the Owls...

With Signing Day 2009 less than a month away, all stones are being overturned by recruiting coaches in hopes of finding that "gem" that could turn out to be a diamond.

Hank Brigham of Austin's private St. Andrews School is perhaps one of those prospects.

Brigham has the size (6-4 252), speed (4.85), and grades (1860 on 3-part SAT) to be a very highly recruited player. With those measurables he could play a number of positions in college.

But just as players do every year, Brigham has slipped through the cracks somewhat.

"I think part of it is that I play for a very small private school. We didn't have a great season either so that's probably some of it too."

The Owls are looking at Brigham as either a Tight End or Defensive Tackle. In Rice's Strength and Conditioning Program, Brigham could quickly become a 6-4 280 "3-technique" player - yet still retain his quickness and agility.

And quickness could be Brigham's best asset. He's turned in pro shuttle times of less than 4.5 seconds - excellent for a player of over 250 pounds.

Position doesn't really matter to Hank in college, though he does have a preference.

"I really love playing Tight End. I think I'm a pretty good blocker and receiver. But I'll play whereever I get a chance."

Brigham has been recruited quite heavily by the Ivy League - particularly Princeton, Fordham, and Holy Cross.

"My mom is from New York so she really wanted me to check out the Ivy League schools. Princeton told me I was their number one guy back in the summer but I wasn't ready to commit at the time."

Hank is a 3-sport athlete at St. Andrews, and has been since the 8th grade.

"I play football, basketball, and lacrosse. Lacrosse is really popular up here in Austin. I like it a lot. I'm a pretty big guy out there and I've had some violent collisions. A couple guys got concussions from our collisions early this season."

I asked Hank his favorite sport and without hesitation he replied.

"Without a doubt its football. I love the contact."

Hank told me he is expecting a visit from Rice coaches this week to discuss a possible Rice visit.

"I really like Rice. I think their program is really on the rise. It's a lot closer to home than the Ivy League schools too. We'll see what happens I guess."

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