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Women's Basketball

The lowpoint of the Western Kentucky women's basketball season came on Jan. 4 after losing to Middle Tennessee. The Lady Toppers committed 29 turnovers and trailed by 20 points in the second half before falling to their Sun Belt Conference rival, 74-62. Their record dropped to 5-7 and coach Mary Taylor Cowles saw her team's season at a crossroads. "It would've been very easy for this team to lay down and die at that point," she said. "I remember giving the team the rest of the weekend off and when they came back to practice on Monday I immediately sensed a different attitude. "The next thing I know we were 8-8 and playing hard every night. And then we got on a little bit of a winning streak."
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NCAA Basketball

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA will not postpone or move any men's and women's basketball tournament games or other events if the United States goes to war with Iraq.
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