Getting To Know ...LB Antonio Lowery

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Earlier this week asked for non-football-related questions to take to linebacker Antonio Lowery. We chose nine from the list and brought them to Lowery, who in turn told's readers about Tilapia Tuesday, conch, his feelings about snow, who has the upper hand on the field against his brother and much more.

Welcome to's weekly light-hitting Q&A with one of the Rutgers players.
This feature is designed to give fans a different look at the players they cheer for, and insight into their personalities.
Earlier in the week we asked for your questions, and selected a few handfuls of them and went to senior linebacker Antonio Lowery to get the answers.
Here is what he had to say:

1. How is it playing with your brother (red-shirt freshman Antwan) on the team? Have you gone up against him?
It's great having him here and being on the same team with him. I have gone up against him, and he got me pretty good. That was really the only time, and he keeps talking about it. I have to get up against him again and get him back.

2. What game are you looking the most forward to playing and why?
I would say the Florida International game. That's where I'm from. When the schedule came out and I saw we were playing there, I got excited. I'm going to have a lot of family there, and it's so close to my home.

3. How hard was it to adjust to the winters?
(Laughter). I haven't. I cannot get used to the cold. My first winter and then last winter were really bad. It was really cold and it snowed a lot. …I have shoveled snow, and I don't like it.

4. Does anyone on the team have a fear of flying?
Not that I know of, but we will see with this freshman class.

5. What is your favorite New Jersey food?
I miss snow crab and conch from home. I would say I don't really a favorite food, but I guess you could say the Grease Trucks. I do like going to the Grease Trucks.

6. What interest(s) do you have outside of football?
Cooking. I'm the master chef. I always have a bunch of guys over and we have big meals. We have Tilapia Tuesdays, Dade County Cheeseburgers, and we have Thanksgiving Sunday. That's when you get a little bit of everything.

7. What is your major? Why?
Criminal Justice because I want to be a DEA agent.

8. What is the biggest change in perception about New Jersey now that you have been here for a while?
That is smells. When I was coming up here, all my friends kept saying that it smells in New Jersey. That's not how it is.

9. If you are not playing football in five years, what will you be doing?
I will be a DEA agent and ask to be transferred to Florida. And I will be married with kids, and have white picket fence.

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