Getting to Know ...DT Scott Vallone

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- continues its "Getting to Know" series with a fun, light-hitting Q&A with red-shirt sophomore defensive tackle Scott Vallone. Find out his favorite New Brunswick eateries, his video gaming calls, what he missed most about home and much as he answers questions provided by readers. continues its "Getting to Know" series as we took your non-football related questions to Long Island native and red-shirt sophomore defensive tackle Scott Vallone.
Here is what Vallone had to say:

1. What is your favorite class? And your major?
My major is economics. I've always been good with numbers since I was younger and I think it kind of caught on. It's pretty tough classes.

2. When you graduate, which teammate will you miss the most?
That's tough. I couldn't pick one guy. When Charlie (Noonan) graduates, that's going to be …we live together and definitely one of my best friends on the team. And (Devon) Watkis, Beau Bachety, one of my good friends and from Long Island.

3. Better beaches in Long Island or New Jersey?
I don't know. I'm not really a beach guy. I've been to the beaches in New Jersey, but not Jersey Shore style.

4. Robin Hood? Good guy or bad guy?
You're going go to have get me on that another day.

5. How popular is Rutgers on Long Island?
It's getting there. When I go home, guys that go to my high school, they ask me, ‘How's Rutgers doing? I saw the game on ESPN. I saw the game on SNY.' So that's good for the people in Long Island to turn the t.v. to channel 60 and see the game.

6. Best place to eat on/near campus?
I've got a couple of favorite spots. Sanctuary is one of my favorite spots. Blitzburgers is one of my favorite spots. Those two are probably my favorite spots.

7. What do you do outside of football?
There's not much to me. I like to just relax. I like to get my competitive gaming on, my video games. Eric (LeGrand) and Watkis and Chuck (Noonan) …I like them all. Right now my favorite game is MLB 2K10, and we play FIFA all the time. That's a good game. And Madden, obviously, and NCAA. And Call of Duty.

8. What do you miss about home?
Just seeing a lot of my friends from high school, seeing my parents. But it's a good situation being so close because we have two days off so I can go home and see family and friends and get a good home-cooked Italian meal from my mom. That's going to be great.

9. Top five things in your Ipod?
I like everything. I like hop-hop. I like rock n' roll. I like R&B. I like everything. So I couldn't say anything.

10. What NFL team do you want to be drafted by?
It doesn't matter. That's a dream. My favorite team growing up was the Cowboys, and once I got to college, that became something that may be available to me. I still follow them the most and I know most about that team, and the New York teams, but after that it doesn't really matter. After that if any team wants me to come play for them, that would be a dream come true.

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