Rutgers-UNC: 10 in 10

PISCATAWAY, N.J. --'s post-game game package goes much deeper than than the stats and the nuts and bolts of the game. The "10 in 10" feature gives Rutgers 10 not-so-noticeable notes that each can be read in 10 seconds or less. The breezy format is perfect for office water-cooler talk the day after a game.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- As part of's post-game coverage the "10 in 10" segment is designed to give you 10 not-so-noticeable things that took place in just-completed game.

It is designed for each of the 10 quick-hitters to be read in 10 seconds or less, and here are the ten from Saturday's 17-13 loss to North Carolina.

1. Pistol-type formation:
Rutgers used a "Pistol-type" offensive formation early, which had Mohamed Sanu taking the snap, Joe Martinek lined up next to him and Jordan Thomas as the deep running back. It is a different look that the "Wildcat," which Rutgers ran often.

2. Open looks:
When quarterback Tom Savage under threw Jeremy Deering near the end zone in the third quarter, perhaps the best option was receiver Mark Harrison, who went uncovered in the left corner of the end zone.

3. New right guard:
Antwan Lowery got his first career at right guard in place of Caleb Ruch, and Lowery blocked with aggressiveness and was physical. Look for that to stick.

4. Not a snap:
The timing of Sanu running the "Wildcat" was often disrupted because of poor snaps by center Howard Barbieri. It forced Sanu to wait a split-second longer before making his reads, and decisions.

5. Savage's smart decisions:
The passing game ills wasn't all on Savage. Several times he did the right thing and pulled the ball down and ran for yardage.

6. Green's fortunate play:
Free safety Khaseem Greene seemed to be in the right place at the right time to get the third-quarter deflection, but he told he was in the wrong place and wasn't even sure where he was supposed to be on the field.

7. Field position turns fruitless:
Rutgers began drives on UNC's 48 and 34, its own 38, 39, 46 but did not get any points on those drives while two of its three scoring drives started in North Carolina territory.

8. Kick return threat:
As soon as Joe Lefeged returned a kick 46 yards, UNC went straight to Mason Robinson on the next kickoff, and he returned it 18 yards.

9. Deering's increased presence:
Freshman receiver Jeremy Deering made his first career catch (7 yards), but more significantly was Savage threw to him on several other occasions. Both times Deering was open and would have had a chance for a TD but was under thrown.

10. Tartacoff won't red-shirt:
Freshman receiver JT Tartacoff made his debut and made a nifty leaping catch in the fourth quarter for a 16-yard gain and a first down. He also looked comfortable in his limited time.

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