Simmons Expounds On Rutgers Official Visit

Two-way lineman Delvon Simmons of McKeesport (Pa.) High made his first trip to Rutgers during an official visit over the weekend. He gave his brief thoughts on the official visit shortly after returning from it, than gave more details on how things went during his 48 hours on campus.

McKeesport (Pa.) High Delvon Simmons took a few things out the first of what could be the NCAA maximum five official visits when he went to Rutgers over the weekend.

First, he could be the best kegler if he became a Scarlet Knight.

More importantly, he built a bond with a few of the players and the coaching staff and got more out of his trip than he anticipated.

"I liked it. It was more than I expected, campus-wise, the facilities, and I liked the coaches there," the 6-foot-5, 265-pound Simmons said of his first trip to Rutgers. "I got along with them real well."

One of the highlights of the trip was a one-on-one meeting with Rutgers coach Greg Schiano.

"He talked to me about how it was going," Simmons said. "Then, he started asking me questions about who I lived with, what type of people I like to be around. I had a real good connection because he reminded me of my old coach. He was real easy to connect with."

Simmons, who visited with McKeesport High teammate Branden Jackson, was hosted the first night by senior cornerback Brandon Bing and freshman safety Lorenzo Waters. On Saturday night, defensive tackle Eric LeGrand and defensive back Duron Harmon served as Simmons' host.

And one of the nights included a night out bowling and shooting pool, and Simmons more than held his own.

"I beat everybody. I had high score," Simmons said while chuckling. "I was doing really well. I had all spares and a strike and and then I went to play pool so one of the (assistant) coaches took my turn, and he missed. But I still had the best score. It was 170 something."

Simmons said the fact Rutgers lost to North Carolina 17-13 was a bummer, but it didn't put a blight on his view of the Scarlet Knights, nor will it impact his decision.

"I liked them before because they always showed me a lot of attention," Simmons said, "and always sent me a bunch of mail, a bunch of cards, and asked me if my season was going well and stuff like that. (The visit) showed me a little bit more about them going up there and experiencing everything."

Simmons holds more than a dozen offers but hasn't trimmed his list. He said that could happen during the season, but he is in no rush since he doesn't plan on making a decision until after the season.

And, since this was his first visit and he doesn't have any scheduled the rest of the season, it means his recruitment could last well into January.

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