Two Stand Out For Clemons, But Others Exist

Delaware Valley High (Milford, Pa.) lineman Brandon Clemons has a pair of decisions ahead of him. First, whether he will play offense or defense. Second, what school he will attened. Clemons spoke to about both things, and talked about which schools are in the lead, and what other schools remain alive in the mix.

Delaware Valley High (Milford, Pa.) lineman Brandon Clemons has a pair of decisions in front of him, and he said he isn't close to making either one.

Clemons must decide between defensive tackle and offensive line, and he has to choose which school he will play his yet-to-be-decided position.

The first part may not be determined until after signing day, but he has made headway in deciding where he will play.

The 6-foot-4, 265-pound Clemons acknowledged his familiarity with Pittsburgh and Boston College has them on top, but he added Rutgers, Maryland, South Carolina and Michigan State are also in the mix Previously, Clemons also mentioned Connecticut and Penn State as schools of reciprocal interest.

"I feel like I know (Boston College and Pittsburgh) the most, the best," Clemons said. "They were the first two schools to offer me, so I feel like my relationship with them is better. I want to get to know the other schools more."

A big part of which schools will get official visits will be determined in the coming months as Clemons looks to build deeper relationships.

"I know I'm going to go to Pittsburgh and Boston College, but I'm not sure what other ones I'm going to take for my official visits," Clemons said. "I'm trying to narrow it down to five and take those, but I may try to narrow it down to even less than that."

He acknowledged that "out of all the other schools (vying for official visits), I know a lot about Rutgers."

In fact, the Scarlet Knights and Boston College both attended a game Clemons played last month.

"I felt like I was pretty nervous when they came out," he said. "It was kind of uncomfortable because I felt like they were watching every little thing I did."

In addition to deciding on a school, Clemons just decide whether to play offense or defense. Most of the schools, including Rutgers, are recruiting him for both sides of the ball and will make a determination down the road.

And even Clemons isn't sure where he wants to play.

"I don't know. It kind of evens up for me," he said. "On defense, I like going after the ball and hitting the guy with the ball. Then, on offense, I like to try and drive someone into the ground.

"What am I better at? Getting off the ball, I would say defense. But technique-wise, I would say offense."

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