Carl Howard

 Carl Howard, 6-5, 290,4.8 , DT, Matawan, Matawan HS       

Carl Howard is one of the top defensive linemen out of the State of New Jersey this year. Many thanks to Chris Melvin of for the contact info on Carl Howard.

Howard is the son of former Rutgers star, Carl Howard, who played in the NFL. Over the winter one of my most knowledgeable sources raved about his natural athletic ability. With bloodlines like he has that should be no surprise.

"My dad is a big influence. He played in the pros. He told me that colleges are really looking at speed now. That is why I am out there running every day."

Offers and interest

Rutgers, Syracuse, Virginia, Penn State, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan

"Most of those schools have told me that they will be offering me soon."


Syracuse - "I really like them because they are straight with you. I'll be taking an unofficial visit with them in April. They have the major that I want."

Penn State - "They are used to winning and they know how to win. They let the best player play, they don't care. If you win the position you can can play."


Where will you camp?

"Most likely at Rutgers or Syracuse."

What is the most important thing that you could bring to a college team?

"Basically, my athletic ability. I can both stop the run and the pass. My coach might still start me at DE on pass plays. I am a very good pass rusher."

What will be the most important factors determining your choice of a school?

"A place that I fit into in terms of my major and the depth of the team. I don't want to go to a school who has a hundred seniors in front of me."

Where do you project at the next level?

"Defensive tackle. I think I am still growing. I'll top out at 6-5, 6-6."

On Rutgers?

"Rutgers is really coming along. They have a good future, they have a bunch of good athletes coming in. They could be good in the next couple of years. I have met Coach Schiano and Coach Susan and they are really good guys. They tell you the truth about everything and that is what I like about them."

Last Season's Statistics

"I had 50 tackles, 5 sacks, 6 tackles for losses, 4 forced fumble recoveries, 1 fumble recovery, 5 passes batted down."

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