Rutgers-UConn: 10 in 10

PISCATAWAY, N.J. --'s post-game game package goes much deeper than than the stats and the nuts and bolts of the game. The "10 in 10" feature gives Rutgers 10 not-so-noticeable notes that each can be read in 10 seconds or less. The breezy format is perfect for office water-cooler talk the day after a game.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. --As part of's post-game coverage the "10 in 10" segment is designed to give you 10 not-so-noticeable things that took place in just-completed game.

It is designed for each of the 10 quick-hitters, each to be read in 10 seconds or less. Here are the 10 from Friday's scintillating 27-24 come-from-behind defeat of Connecticut at Rutgers Stadium.

1. Dodd's pump fakes
Rutgers freshman quarterback Chas Dodd was able to freeze safeties all night with his pump fakes, including one the 52-yard game-tying touchdown pass to Mark Harrison with 3:53 to play.

2. The fake gone awry
When Rutgers opted for the fake field goal in the second half, it was set up beautifully, but holder Kyle Sullivan ran into a Connecticut defender and fell to the turf. He got up and ran his route but it was overthrown by former quarterback D.C. Jefferson. It was a brilliant design and call.

3. Familiar look?
The 45-yard pass from Dodd to Jeremy Deering that set up San San Te's game-winning field goal was the same play Dodd overthrew in the closing minutes of last week's loss to Tulane.

4. Ruch going at right guard
The tinkering continued on the right side of the offensive line as Caleb Ruch made his first start, but by the end Atwan Lowery was back in there.

5. Play-calling diversity
Rutgers used rollouts, end-arounds, throws at of the Wildcat, spread formations and pump fakes to keep the Huskies' defense guessing.

6. Why the Wildcat?
The power running game is limited. On third-and-2 from UConn's 13 midway through the fourth quarter and down seven, Joe Martinek had nowhere to run and gained nothing.

7. Rowe-ing along
Rutgers tried its best to match up cornerback David Rowe with receiver Kashif Moore, who finished with five catches for 64 yards. Rowe also made a few nice defensive plays on what was a fun matchup to watch.

8. Catching the punts
Mason Robinson had four returns for 16 yards, but he saved the Scarlet Knights plenty of yards by catching the ball rather than letting it bounce for extra yards. He also dummied a few fair catches that wound up bouncing into the end zone.

9. Manny being Manny
Rutgers junior linebacker Manny Abreu was a fixture around the ball, making 10 tackles and delivering several big hits. He was more active than he has been in any game this season.

10. Lack of pressure
The Scarlet Knights didn't have sack, and had trouble pressuring quarterback Cody Endres with consistency despite an array of blitzes. Part of the issue was Endres getting rid of the ball quickly.

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