Brent Schaeffer

Name: Brent Schaeffer

Position: Quarterback

Size: 6'3 190

School: Deerfield Beach High School (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Schools Showing Interest: Kansas, Iowa, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Tennesee, Florida, Purdue

Early Word on Brent:
Being the cousin of any Heisman runner-up will have its perks, but for Brent Schaeffer and family, it is looked upon in a differently than as a role model.

"They speak every couple of weeks," Brent's step father said. "They talk pretty much whenever Brad gets some free time. He has definitely been an influence on Brent, but not someone who would be viewed as giving guidance. Brent is pretty clear in knowing what he wants to do, and how far he wants to take it."

Part of knowing what he wants to do, Brent uses Brad's success as motivation.

"Brent can go to Brad to ask any questions he may have with the experiences Brad has had at junior college and Iowa. Brent uses what Brad tells him to make him better, and help motivate him to be an even better quarterback in college. For Brent to achieve anything Brad did at Iowa that would be quite an accomplishment."

Brent threw for 2,475 yards and 31 touchdowns, also rushing for 765 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Family is always important during the recruiting process, and that will hold true in the recruitment of Brent. In speaking to Brent's mother, Chandra, she made it clear in knowing what she will be looking for in sending her son to a prospective program.

"Fist of all, I just want him to be happy with his decision" Chandra stated. "I'll be watching closely to make sure it's a good fit, and we want him to receive a good education."

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