Florida DE Hot Commodity, Will Visit Rutgers

Rutgers recently sent an offer to Gaither High (Tampa) defensive end Chad Hannah, but the Scarlet Knights are not the only team suddenly interested in the 6-foot-5, 220-pound senior. Hannah said he will visit Rutgers, and is trying to set up two other trips. Hannah spoke with ScarletReport.com about his recruitment, what he knows about Rutgers and which other schools are talking to him.

It has been a little more than a year since Chad Hannah played football in pads for the first time, and his life certainly changed quickly.

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound defensive end from Gaither High (Tampa) picked up a written offer from Rutgers earlier this month, and he recently grabbed an offer from Bowling Green.

Also, Hannah is getting strong interest from Clemson, South Florida, North Carolina State and Iowa State, who could send an offer for him in the next week or two.

Hannah is discussing a possible trip to North Carolina State the weekend of Nov. 13, as well as a few others.

"We're kind of iffy on that one, and Dec. 11 to Rutgers is definitely there," Hannah said. "We're still trying to work out something with Bowling Green."

The Scarlet Knights were the first to offer, and he admitted he knew very little about them at the time.

"Before the offer, I wasn't completely sure about the school," Hannah said. "But after they gave me my offer, I did some research on them to learn some things about the school. The diversity in the school I found to be very interesting.

"My mom looked some stuff up, and she saw the student-to-faculty ratio was 14 to 1. That's pretty good. It's not too big but not too small."

Hannah has 40 tackles and six sacks for Gaither. He made nine tackles as a junior.

"My junior season was my first year playing football with pads and I was trying to get used to it and get a feel for it," Hannah said. "Over the summer I worked out a lot, got focused, learned some new techniques got some film watching older, successful players and came into the season prepared."

During the summer, while watching film with his father, Hannah noticed something else about his play.

"I didn't play as big as I was," he said. "I didn't use my body, my strength, my speed. After that, I just started doing it."

Hannah transferred to Gaither from Tampa Catholic because of basketball, the sport he grew up playing. He does not have any offers for basketball yet, but he believes that could change during his senior season.

For now, he says he will play football in college, with a decision coming close to or on signing day.

"I'm going to try and find where I best fit," Hannah said. "Academics are always first. I have to find where I think I'll best fit and be most comfortable. When it comes down to football, I've got to find a place where I think I can have the biggest impact and help win the championship."

And he does take academics very seriously. He has AP psychology, and is intrigued by possibly majoring in it.

"I find it very interesting and it's something I really want to go and try to major in," he said. "You can only play football for so long, and academics are what you rely on after football."

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