Rutgers 1 of 4 Looking at Piscataway Junior

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- was on hand over the weekend to watch Rutgers class of 2012 target Tevin Shaw of Piscataway High. Shaw ran for three touchdowns and intercepted a pair of passes, and did so with a Rutgers assistant in attendance watching. Afterward, Shaw talked about recruiting, the Scarlet Knights, and what other schools are looking at him.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – After a quiet first half in front of a Rutgers assistant coach, class of 2012 running back Tevin Shaw showed why several schools in the northeast are paying close attention to him.

Shaw, a 5-foot-10, 185-pound running back, broke off runs of 51 yards and 98 yards in the second half and also had a pair of interceptions in a 28-0 shutout of East Brunswick on Friday.

And, that Rutgers assistant coach Robb Smith was in attendance made it that much sweeter since Shaw is so familiar with the Scarlet Knights.

"I've been to Rutgers a few times and I've been to Penn State once," Shaw said. "I've been to just about every Rutgers game. They pride themselves on working hard. Even if they don't execute the way they want to, they still practice hard and hope to get better week by week."

Shaw is hearing the most from the Scarlet Knights, Boston College, Penn State and Syracuse. He is also getting letters from Clemson.

Against East Brunswick, Shaw showed his toughness by running inside in the first half, then broke a pair of long runs to the outside in the second half.

"My coach knew they were going to overload the strong side, so if I got past the first level it was going to be off to the races," Shaw said. "Our offensive coordinator changed up the blocking scheme (in the second half) and told me run backside more. I saw they were shooting the gaps to the strong side and really overloading that side."

But while Shaw ran 13 times for 185 yards and three scores in the game, it was his play on defense that was the best showcase for how he could perform in college. Playing safety, Shaw showed his skills adjusting to balls in the air and made a pair of nice interceptions.

Shaw said each of the schools are recruiting him to play cornerback, although he would prefer to play on offense.

"I just like having the ball in my hands and getting to make a play," Shaw said.

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