Notes: Candid OL talk, 6th year, Senior Day

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers finished its practice for Friday's game against Louisville, and afterward coach Greg Schiano met with few members of the media. He talked about a player getting a sixth year of eligibility, and also candidly discusses the offensive line, saying, "We can't play like this." Check out what else Schiano had to say during his Wednesday press session.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – As Rutgers wrapped up preparation for Friday's home finale against Louisville, Scarlet Knights coach Greg Schiano said the offensive line has improved, but added it has a long ways to go.

And while he stopped short of talking about the plans to fix it, he did say it is a major point of contention. "We'll talk more at the end of the year where we're going with things, but we need to get better, that's for sure," Schiano said Wednesday after practice. "We can't play like this."

Schiano said he has seen growth from the unit, but it still falls short of where it needs to be.

"I do think we're getting better, it's just not enough right now," Schiano said. "We have improved. It's just not where we want to be. The guy who has played good football all year is (center) Howard (Barbieri).

"The issue that jumps out at you is the snaps, but as far as blocking, being physical and running the show, I think he's had a good year. It just gets lost a little bit."

Laryea back for six?

The seniors will be honored before the Louisville game, but missing will be linebacker/fullback Edmond Laryea. He is applying to the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility.

"Unless there is something goofy, everything says he should get the sixth year," Schiano said. "We want him back."

He is out for the season with a knee injury, marking the second time in his career he suffered a season-ending injury at the beginning of the season, which is a prerequisite for getting a sixth year.

Blitzing Cards

No Big East team blitzes more than Syracuse, but Louisville comes close.

"They're very good," Schiano said. "They're 11th in the nation in defense, and 18th in scoring defense. They've had a good season. They have some experienced guys playing on that defense."

Senior day

Schiano is not hugely sentimental when it comes to senior day because it can alter the focus of a player, but he does recognize the importance of honoring the seniors before their last game at Rutgers Stadium.

"I don't want to be insensitive because they've put a lot of work in, and this is their last game at Rutgers Stadium," Schiano said. "But what I've always shared with them is, if you get too emotionally connected to that, your eyes are off the prize, and then you're going to remember your last game as a loss and Rutgers Stadium, and there are no good memories of that.

"I've always tried to put the sentimental stuff after the game."

Each senior is introduced before the game.

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