10 in 10: Rutgers at West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, W.V. -- ScarletReport.com's post-game game package goes much deeper than than the stats and the nuts and bolts of the game. The "10 in 10" feature gives Rutgers 10 not-so-noticeable notes that each can be read in 10 seconds or less. The breezy format is perfect for office water-cooler talk the day after a game.

MORGANTOWN, W.V. – As part of ScarletReport.com's post-game coverage, the "10 in 10" segment gives you 10 not-so-noticeable things that took place in just-completed game.

It is designed for each of the 10 quick-hitters, each to be read in 10 seconds or less. Here are the 10 from Saturday's season-ending 35-10 loss at West Virginia.

1. Reading the way:
On a third-and-12 on Rutgers' first possession, receiver Mohamed Sanu took a quick pass on the left. The play was blocked for a first down to the outside, but he cut to the middle and was tackled a few yards short.

2. Civil offense
Red-shirt freshman Andre Civil made his second career start, taking over for Devon Watkis at right tackle. He keeps a lower base, and was quicker coming out of his stance.

3. Lack of recognition:
Normally, stepping up in the pocket is a good thing, but not with the way Rutgers' offensive line blocked this season. Quarterback Chas Dodd was sacked on a second-and-13 when he stepped up in the pocket and held the ball instead of throwing it.

Under normal circumstances, it is the right play. With Rutgers' offensive line, Dodd needed to step up and get rid of the ball.

4. The linebacker play
West Virginia continually took advantage of Rutgers' linebackers. On one play late in the first quarter Manny Abreu was trying to cover WVU running back Noel Devine, and throughout the game the depth of the linebackers allowed WVU receivers to run free underneath.

5. Not running the route:
On second-and-4 from midfield and seven minutes left in the second quarter, Dodd missed misfired to an open Mason Robinson. The problem was Robinson ran a comeback and was supposed to run an out.

6. Finding a mistmatch:
When an uncovered Jordan Thomas scored on an 18-yard pass from Dodd, WVU's linebacker took the play fake and went inside. When Thomas popped out on the left, it he was uncovered.

7. A snap for DePaula:
Long-snapper Robert Jones left at halftime with an injury, but Andrew DePaula stepped in and made a seamless transition.

8. Tight end differential:
An athletic tight end does wonders, and Rutgers' defense experienced that on a key third-down play late in the third quarter when WVU beat a zone blitz when Will Johnson released and gained 37 yards. It left defensive end Justin Francis chasing Johnson down the field.

9. Cooper, Jones and Ryan:
With Brandon Bing remaining in New Jersey with a leg injury, Marcus Cooper started and Brandon Jones played plenty in nickel coverage, and performed well until he was injured late in the third quarter and replaced by Logan Ryan.

10. Loading the middle:
West Virginia's Ryan Clarke had three touchdowns (1, 1 and 3 yards), and each time the play started in the middle but he was able to get outside and into the end zone.

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