DT Al Page: "I'm in great hands"

Christopher Columbus (Bronx, N.Y.) defensive tackle Al Page long ago committed to Rutgers and he knew plenty about the school before he made an official visit to Rutgers earlier this month. However, there was also something big Page got from his official visit.

Long ago Al Page felt at home at Rutgers, which is why the defensive tackle from Christopher Columbus High (Bronx, N.Y.) committed to coach Greg Schiano in April.

After Page's official visit to Rutgers earlier this month, the 6-foot-3, 300-pounder is now comfortable his parents share the feeling.

"It was important for them to know I'm in great hands, and to see where I'll be staying at, and where I'll be taking my classes at," Page said. "Now, they know the environment well."

Page's parents were the only ones to learn a few things.

Despite being on campus several times and developing a strong relationship with the staff and several teammates, Page absorbed plenty during his 48-hour trip.

"What did I get out of it? I got more of the academic side, where I'm going to live and where I'm going to take some classes," he said. "That was very important. That was the piece that I needed to get everything flowing. I knew how the football facilities looked, I knew how the Hale Center looked.

"But I didn't know how my dorms looked, didn't know how my classes or the buildings would look. It was great."

That was the business side of the trip. The fun stuff included a night in Times Square and hanging out with future teammates, including his host, Long Island native and defensive tackle Scott Vallone.

"We had a good time," Page said. "We went and played (FIFA) soccer – he killed me -- and Scott said, ‘Ok, you ready to do this?' I was like, ‘Let's go,' so we went to a couple of parties."

Of course, Page did get a chuckle from the weekend because Vallone wasn't feeling his best after giving a weight room demonstration.

"He was sore all weekend," Page said. "You should have seen how he was walking. He was doing presentations for all the visitors, so he was pretty sore. He did some power clean and squat, and was showing his technique and form."

As for Page's trip to New York, his perspective was markedly different from the rest of the visitors since he lives only a borough away.

"When we got up there, I was saying I could go home if I wanted to," Page said. "They were

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