Sylva Suprised By Junior Day

Tabor Academy (Marion, Mass.) linebacker Jason Sylva made the trip to Rutgers for junior day, and he was inspired by what Scarlet Knights coach Greg Schiano had to say. After the event, Sylva spoke to about the day, what Schiano said and the impact it had.

When Tabor Academy (Marion, Mass.) linebacker Jason Sylva listened to Rutgers coach Greg Schiano talk about championships and making the Scarlet Knights an elite program, he bought in.

The message resonated with Sylva during last weekend's Junior Day at Rutgers.

"It could be coming out of thin out, but I really believe it for reason," Sylva said. "He's real passionate about what he does. I just love how he feels about the game.

"It was great, actually. Coach Schiano talked a lot. I think he's a great guy. He seems real confident about what he's trying to do. I know his recruiting class in 2011 is really good."

The 6-foot-2, 226-pound Sylva had been to Rutgers before for campus, but he never got the insight he received during Junior Day.

"I didn't get to see the academic side before," Sylva said. "They took around the athletic center for a tour. We got to see the weight room, the locker room, they sat us down and went in depth on what the program is like, and they did a really did a good job."

And Sylva's impressions?

"The facilities are great," he said. "From the locker room to the weight room to the campus, to the academic building, I really like the program and I like what coach Schiano is trying to do."

Ironically, the information-packed day took place after Sylva lamented to his dad the night before that he wished he was heading to another junior day since he had already been on the Rutgers campus.

"I said we were in the same hotel, same place, and I wish we went somewhere else," Sylva said. "I've been following and watching games, and I knew they did not have too good of a season …I thought I knew a pretty good amount about the program, but it shocked me."

Sylva was hoping to get an offer from Rutgers from the trip, but that didn't happen. Still, he believes the Scarlet Knights will offer him in the spring.

He is now is in the process of scheduling trips to junior days at Penn State, Connecticut and Boston College.

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