Shuler Visits, Recruits For Scarlet Knights

Four-star athlete Miles Shuler of Long Branch (N.J.) High committed to Rutgers a month ago, ending a long recruitment. But in the past month he got an indication of what college coaches do on a daily basis during the offseason as he has turned into one of the Scarlet Knights' most active recruiters. He spent a portion of his official visit trying to sell his vision to a group of talented recruits.

It is a good thing Long Branch (N.J.) High athlete and four-star Rutgers commit Miles Shuler is better at recruiting than bowling.

"Oh, no," he said while laughing. "You heard about that? I was horrible."

Shuler was hosted by freshman receiver Jeremy Deering. He said one of the more memorable experiences was heading to Times Square for a night of bowling, lounging, and getting to know one another.

But his main mission during the trip was to recruit, and it looks like he did a very good job of it.

With six uncommitted prospects, including five-star running back Savon Huggins and four-star players Lafayette Pitts, Marquise Wright and Josue Matias (who committed), Shuler talked about his vision of the Scarlet Knights.

"I came up there with a mind set and one mission; to get these kids on board and let them know what we have to offer," he said. "We can win the Big East title for the first time, and win a national championship. We can do that if we keep all the best talent here.

"Rutgers coaches are never going to do wrong by its players. They always get them to play to their potential, and make them the best player they can be. I let them know that, and different kids have different situations, and I was addressing them."

Shuler also spent time speaking with Woodbridge High defensive end Max Issaka and junior college offensive tackle Fou Fonoti, both three-star prospects.

"I think I got a couple kids to come along," said Shuler, who was not addressing any particular recruiting in the state, "and Rutgers fans should be excited to see who we're going to get in the future."

But with all the recruiting going on, did Shuler have time to enjoy himself like many of the others on the visit?

"I was bonding with the team, talking to players individually, it was a great experience," Shuler said. "It was one of the best experiences of my life."

The atmosphere during the trip in New York was a key part of the weekend.

"It was perfect," Shuler said. "Everyone bonded with each other. They were laughing, having fun, and competing at the same time. …And competing, and you know me, I'm a big competitor."

Shuler, who is 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, played quarterback and safety as a senior at Long Branch, but will enter Rutgers as a receiver.

His plan is to enroll at Rutgers in June, and compete for playing time as a freshman.

And while Shuler possesses some of the best speed in the nation – he is the state champ in the 100 meters (10.39 seconds) – there is the question of physical maturity. He does not turn 18 until late September, when Rutgers' season could be one-third completed.

"If I'm not able to make an impact on next year's team, then I'll probably red-shirt," Shuler said. "That's not my decision. I'm coming there with the idea I'm going to play."

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