Fonoti Favoring Two

Cerritos College (Norwalk, Calif.) offensive tackle is sorting through schools and nearing a decision, and Sunday he told he is looking at two schools. Fonoti unveiled the schools to, and then went in-depth about Rutgers offensive line coach Kyle Flood's Saturday visit to the west coast.

Turns out the Saturday afternoon Rutgers offensive line coach Kyle Flood spent with Cerritos College (Norwalk, Calif.) offensive tackle Fou Fonoti went really well.

Fonoti spoke to on Sunday afternoon, and said he had two schools in mind as he nears his Wednesday announcement.

"I think it's between Michigan State and Rutgers," Fonoti said. "I tell myself to never settle and be average. Everyone thought with me being a Cali kid, and UCLA right up the street, that's where I would go. But I tell myself I want to be out of the norm. I want to blaze my own path."

The 6-foot-5, 295-pound Fonoti was enjoying a day of relaxation after five straight days of visits from colleges.

It began Tuesday with a pair of assistant coaches from Michigan State in town, and continued with Washington State (Wednesday), Arizona (Thursday), UCLA (Friday) and then the Scarlet Knights stopping by.

"It was a good visit," Fonoti said. "I told him I had to get a haircut and go to the gym, and go to my uncle's going away party. He said, ‘I'll go with you to the gym.' He landed after I was getting my haircut, but he showed up at my house in his Rutgers sweats on ready to work out."

After the workout, Fonoti and Flood watched Rutgers product Joe Lefeged perform in the Senior Bowl.

"We sat down and watched the Senior Bowl at the house, then drove over to Chili's and got something to eat, and then back to the house to watch the rest of the Senior Bowl, and we just hung out. He was on one couch and I was on the other, and we watched the NFL Network."

Flood also talked about Fonoti competing for a starting tackle position at Rutgers, and discussed the techniques being taught at Rutgers.

"I think he's a good guy," Fonoti said. "He's very persistent and a very good guy. He produces guys to the NFL, like Anthony Davis. I know they also sent Jeremy Zuttah, Cam Stephenson, (and)Pedro Sosa, who was injured.

"We were probably together for at four or five hours. He landed and came over and we just hang out."

This was Flood's third trip to southern California this month to see Fonoti. Does that mean anything?

"It truly does," Fonoti said. "It means a lot to me. For a school that came in late, and they're way over on the East Coast, to spent time with me means a lot. I see the loyalty, and I appreciate it."

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