Rutgers Recruits Reaching Out Far (West)

One of the top remaining targets on Rutgers' recruiting board is Cerritos College (Norwalk, Calif.) offensive tackle Fou Fonoti, and Scarlet Knights commits Savon Huggins and Miles Shuler are leading the charge to sell their vision of Rutgers to him. Huggins, Shuler and a few other recruits shared their thoughts with about the impact landing Fonoti would have on the class.

Several high-profile members of Rutgers' already strong recruiting class are aiming to make it even stronger, andthey view Cerritos College (Norwalk, Calif.) offensive tackle Fou Fonoti is a key piece to restructuring the Scarlet Knights' offensive line.

They have been talking to him since his official visit, and selling him on the opportunity at Rutgers.

"If he comes, that will make the line even that much better," St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, N.J.) five-star running back Savon Huggins said Monday. "He can also start a trend with people out west coming (to Rutgers)."

The 6-foot-5, 295-pound Fonoti began bonding with many of the Rutgers recruits and committed players during his official visit Jan. 21-23.

Four-star athlete Miles Shuler of Long Branch (N.J.) High, who committed to Rutgers in December, has been speaking regular with Fonoti.

"If Fou's in this class, it takes us to another level," Shuler said. "He's ready to come and compete right away. He's a special kid. Throughout this whole process, he's thought everything single little thing out, and he's just ready. And I would love a player like that to play on my team."

It isn't only the recruits talking to Fou, either. The recruits are talking to each other about the impact he could make with the Scarlet Knights.

"I was talking to Savon about it," Shuler said. "He would be real big to us. He would be so important to us. I let him know that every day when we talk. He's so valuable. He was up here for his official (visit), and I really truly believe he's already part of this family.

"He's a perfect piece for the team. This is a great situation for him, and a great situation for us." After committing to Rutgers on Friday, Woodbridge (N.J.) High defensive end Max Issaka reached out to Fonoti as well.

"He's a great player, and the school he comes from has a great brotherhood," Issaka said. "So, coming down to Rutgers won't change anything but the color on his jersey. As a matter of fact, he becomes great."

Fonoti told on Sunday the schools he was considering the most were Rutgers and Michigan State. He also has Washington State, Arizona and UCLA on his list.

"He's a guy that we believe can help the program right away," Cumberland Valley High (Mechanicsburg, Pa.) linebacker Kevin Snyder said. "And I think he is (the type of) athlete that you don't see a lot at the tackle position. His addition would be really great for our class."

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