Don Bosco's Strizak Recaps Visit to Rutgers

Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) linebacker Mike Strizak made his third visit to Rutgers in three months Saturday, and he spoke to about it. Strizak talked about what he learned during the day, sitting in on meetings and talking to the coaching staff.

Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) linebacker Mike Strizak took in his first college practice Saturday when he made an unofficial visit to Rutgers, and he came away with quite an impression.

From the pre-practice meetings to watching the two-hour practice session to chatting with the coaches, recruits and players afterward, Strizak had a very good time.

"Seeing it, seeing the enthusiasm, seeing how the coaches interact with the players," Strizak said, "and how they coach you and how much they really care, I guess that definitely changes your perspective of the school."

Not that Strizak didn't have positive thoughts of Rutgers prior to the day. This was his third visit to campus in less than three months, but the first time he saw a practice.

"I enjoyed it a lot," the 6-foot-3, 225-pound Strizak said. "It was fun to see the first college practice, and how it's run.

"It actually seems a lot easier. The tempo is a lot faster, and the enthusiasm is a lot more, but I think the physicality at a Bosco is so high, it's going to be hard to top it. I'm just used to more hitting, more time to do hitting."

The day began with Strizak attending position meetings, and while the attention to detail and intensity of the film session usually surprises prospect, Strizak fit in well.

"It was actually pretty normal because before we go out and practice, we go over film and we do all the same stuff they do," Strizak said. "We do insertion of plays. It's basically the same thing, so I don't think the transition into college will be too hard."

After practice, the recruits all headed into the Hale Center to bond.

"Right after we talked to all the coaches, and it feels like a good coach/player relationship," Strizak said. "It's very relaxing."

Strizak holds offers from the Scarlet Knights, Boston College, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Virginia, but he is not getting any pressure from the Rutgers staff to make a decision.

"They leave that alone," he said. "It's just like a friendship relationship. It's getting to know each other before you make any decisions, or plan anything else.

"I'm probably going to wait until the end of my senior year to decide."

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