Cashman Expounds On Visit to Rutgers

Haddonfield (N.J.) High offensive tackle Jim Cashman made his first trip to Rutgers campus Saturday, and came away with a very good feeling. He spoke to about the visit, what he was told about an offer, what stood out to him and his visitation plans for the rest of the spring.

Haddonfield (N.J.) High offensive tackle Jim Cashman saw enough in his first visit to Rutgers to know he plans on returning so he can learn more about the program, and the school.

The 6-foot-6, 280-pound Cashman arrived for an unofficial visit just as Saturday's practice commenced, and by the time he left, he had good feeling about the program.

"I thought it was great. I really enjoyed seeing the practice," Cashman said. "All the players really seemed fired up to be hitting again. I really enjoyed it. I got a chance to talk to coach (Greg) Schiano a little bit after, and coach (Kyle) Flood and coach (Phil) Galiano.

"Coach Flood showed my dad and me around all their facilities inside the Hale Center. They showed us their weight room, all their meeting rooms, their team room, and I really enjoyed it."

Cashman holds offers from Connecticut, Villanova, Tulane and Temple.

Did Rutgers talk about offering?

"They didn't say anything directly about an offer," Cashman said. "When we were leaving, they were like, ‘We'll be in contact in a few days.' I look forward to hearing from them."

Cashman recently sent his junior game tape to Rutgers, and the feedback he received from it was positive.

"I talked to coach Galiano before I went up there and he said coach Flood liked it and coach Schaino was looking forward to meeting me," said Cashman, who gave his thoughts on Schiano. "I thought (Schiano) was great. He was really into the practice the second we got there. He was really up tempo and had everyone fired up for the first day of pads."

On a day when Cashman got very good vibes from the Scarlet Knights, he highlighted a few things that stood out to him.

"Practice-wise, how it's so uptempo," he said. "Everything was so organized. That really impressed me, and how all the coaches were really into the practice. All their facilities were so nice. The weight room was very impressive."

Cashman is highly motivated by the academic side, and one thing he didn't get a chance to learn much about what Rutgers' academic reputation.

"That's another thing I'm looking forward to learning more about," he said. "Nothing was really talked about (Saturday). I know it's a great school, and it offers a whole bunch of different majors, no matter which way you want to go."

Rutgers is trying to get Cashman to visit for another spring practice, but Cashman said "I think it's too early to tell" if that will happen because his schedule is filling up.

Cashman has visits to North Carolina State, Vanderbilt and Tulane scheduled. But even if he doesn't get back for a spring practice, Cashman said he will return to learn more about the school.

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