Montclair DE Visits Rutgers; Any Leaders?

Montclair (N.J.) High defensive end Julian Pinnix-Odrick, and several members of his team, made an official visit to Rutgers to watch Tuesday's practice. Afterward, Pinnix-Odrick spoke with coach Greg Schiano, and later in the day with He spoke about what he learned at Rutgers, and whether he has any leaders in the recruiting process.

Montclair (N.J.) High defensive end Julian Pinnix-Odrick has been to Rutgers numerous times.

He was at a practice in August and attended junior day in January, so he went to Tuesday's spring practice with the purpose of learning more about how the coaches handle their players in practice, and to further his relationship with coach Greg Schiano.

When he emerged from the day-long experience, the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Pinnix-Odrick said two schools were standing out among his six offers.

"Just because I've visited them more than the others," Pinnix-Odrick said, "it would be a tie between Rutgers and Penn State."

Pinnix-Odrick also holds offers from Marshall, Illinois, Boston College and Maryland.

"I went down really to watch practice, and just to see the different things in practice, and the enthusiasm, and stuff like that," Pinnix-Odrick said. "When you're on a more personal level with the coaches, 1-on-1, you can pick their brain and see what they really like to do, and what they're really about, but those are the people that are going to be there while you're there."

As for his visit to Rutgers, it lived up to his expectations.

"It went great," Pinnix-Odrick said. "I really got some 1-on-1 time with coach Schiano. I got a good look at the practice. It's really good to see the tempo, and the different things they were doing position-wise, and all those types of things.

"I saw a lot of personal work. I saw a lot of specific work, more than anything. I saw the coaches doing a lot of 1-on-1s with the players when they made mistakes, and it was a fast tempo, which I really enjoyed."

After practice, Pinnix-Odrick retreated to the Hale Center to meet with the coaches.

"He was giving me his ideas of how the program is, and how he wants the program to be," Pinnix-Odrick said. "He was telling me how he cares for the players, and his value system, and how he wants to bring in the right players. He wasn't trying to schmooze and sell me."

And, of all the things Schiano said, the fact he was not giving Pinnix-Odrick a hard sell stood out.

"I feel he was real honest, and really down to earth about his opinions on the football program," Pinnix-Odrick said. "He told me he believes Rutgers is a great fit for me, but he doesn't know if I'm going to like it, and he doesn't know me well enough. We only talked about what we thought team values should be, and trust, and different things like that."

Pinnix-Odrick said he was uncertain when he would make a decision.

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