Teel drafted into UFL

The NFL lockout did not stop Mike Teel from getting back into professional football. Out of football since an injury knocked him off the Chicago Bears' practice squad, the former two-time Rutgers captain talked with ScarletReport.com Monday night about the start of his journey to the UFL ...

Mike Teel is glad the "Believe Bowl" was not on the air in Las Vegas.

"I hope not," Teel said. "I wasn't that impressive."

On the heels of a defeat to Team Hart, Teel's stalling football career took a leap forward in an unexpected way. With the 31st overall pick in the 2011 United Football League Draft, the Las Vegas Locos selected Teel.

"I didn't even realize there was a draft," Teel said. "First I saw something on Twitter and then I was on the phone with Jim Fassel."

Fassel, the head coach, told Teel that the team and his agent would work out the terms of his contract soon and that they were excited to have him aboard.

Teel joins former Rice quarterback Chase Clement as the only two quarterbacks on the roster. He plans on competing for the starting job from Day 1.

"It feels good I guess," Teel said. "It was really unexpected, but I'm excited about another opportunity to play professional football."

In the UFL, quarterbacks Daunte Culpepper, Jeff Garcia and Josh McCown have found homes after getting cut in the NFL. Former Jet Brooke Bollinger exploded into an MVP quarterback and Chris Greisen made it to the Dallas Cowboys after a year in the UFL.

"When you look at the history of the NFL, it's a great opportunity for me," Teel said. "The UFL has done a lot for quarterbacks and I'm still relatively young in comparison to the average professional quarterback. I can learn a lot out there."

Growing up in Oakland and starring at both Don Bosco Prep and Rutgers, Teel is excited to play for a former local coach and champion. Fassel, who coached a Super Bowl with the Giants in 2000, is now a two-time UFL champion.

"It was good talking with him tonight," Teel said. "We're going to figure out details, but he has a great track record with quarterbacks. He's been in the NFL and he could be great for my development. I grew up so close to the stadium, it's cool to have a chance to play for Jim Fassel now. I didn't really have a favorite team growing up, but I guess if I had to pick one it would have been the Giants."

Teel's new opportunity capped off one of Teel's favorite weekends since graduating from Rutgers in 2009. Teel said his experiences at the spring game made for a great weekend. Teel both captained a team in the first annual "Believe Bowl" and reconnected with many former teammates.

"It was a really great weekend for so many reasons," Teel said. "The best part is getting all of these guys back and doing it all for Eric. I got to see guys, and play a little with guys, that I hadn't seen since my freshman or sophomore year of college. It was a great, great day and I was excited to see the guys."

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