DE Chungong Highly Impressed By Rutgers Trip

Our Lady of Good Counsel High (Olney, Md.) defensive end Rod Chungong made his first visit to Rutgers when he attended the spring game. He met with coach Greg Schiano, learned about the program and said "it was way better than I thought it would be." The 6-foot-3, 250-pound Chungong had Georgia Tech as his leader. Did his visit chance that?

Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) defensive end Roderick Chungong was being recruited hard by Rutgers for the last month, and he finally made a trip to campus to see why the Scarlet Knights were pushing so hard.

After a Saturday visit to campus, a talk with coach Greg Schiano, and experiencing the program's culture, the 6-foot-3, 250-pound Chungong has the Scarlet Knights high on his list.

"It was way better than I thought it would be," said Chungong, who explained what impressed him. "Just the atmosphere and the team and the chemistry, and all that stuff. The atmosphere really caught me, and the values of the team that coach Schiano was talking about, and I could see it throughout the visit.

"Not getting in trouble, and not that there's a lot of rules, but just stuff you see at other programs happening, it doesn't happen at Rutgers."

Chungong started the visit with aid Georgia Tech as his leader.

Is that still the case?

"They are, but Rutgers is right up there, too," he said. "It's close. It's more (Nos.) 1 and 2, but it's getting close to (Nos.) 1 and 1A."

During the day-long visit, Chungong got an idea of how much the Scarlet Knights want him. "I saw the Hale Center and the stadium," Chungong said. "It was nice. Real nice. All the offices, and the player's lounge, and everything …I liked it a lot. They gave me a V.I.P. treatment. I was separated from the (other recruits) and had my own little tour."

Chungong had a chance to speak with the players, some of the other recruits and the coaching staff. And his meeting with coach Greg Schiano stood out because it was different than when he spoke to coaches from other schools.

"It's funny. He really wanted to get real personal," Chungong said. "He said, ‘Tell me about yourself from birth to now in five minutes.' He wanted to get real deep, but I like that, a coach that wants to get to know who I am, other than just a football player. I liked that."

The day was such a success, Chungong is going to look into his schedule and see if he can make another visit this spring or in the summer.

"It changed for me a lot, and they're really recruiting me hard," he said. "Other than Georgia Tech, that's the school that is recruiting me the second best, and really wants me bad. They're sending me letters every other day.

"It makes me want to look into the school way more than before I visited. ...I will probably go again. I may try and take a couple more visits, but I have other stuff to do other than football, but I'm going to try and fit it into my schedule and get up there again."

Chungong is approaching double digit offers, but he is unsure which schools he will visit in the next few months. Illinois is one possibility, but he does plan on making one trip.

"I have to get to Michigan State," Chungong said. "That's mandatory for me. I feel a little loyalty because they're my first offer, so I have to go and talk to the coaches and see what they have to offer."

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