Transition To Training Camp: The Quarterbacks introduces a new series. Check back every day for an in-depth look at each position and where everyone stands coming out of spring and preparing for training camp. Today, we look at the quarterbacks ...

Spring Lesson: Chas Dodd is a machine. Coach Greg Schiano said multiple times that Dodd could throw hundreds of times a day and not get tired. This spring, he proved it.

Dodd was far from perfect this spring, but his arm-strength never faltered. One look at the balls he threw in the spring game can show you that.

Starter out of Spring: Dodd's solid spring only further cemented him as the guy. With Tom Savage gone, only an injury deposes the Byrnes High School (S.C.) product.

Dodd is comfortable in Frank Cignetti's offense and has no problem spreading the ball around, unlike his predecessor. Savage sometimes struggled when he locked in on one receiver. In the spring game, Dodd completed passes to eight receivers on a 77 percent clip for 289 yards.

His numbers came against the second-team defense. But for comparison, Savage completed just 56 percent of his passes for 181 yards in last year's spring game.

Got a chance: Steve Shimko showed in the spring game that his shoulder is fine. But three of his four incomplete passes were interceptions in the red-zone. An improved spring from Shimko, if he builds on it in camp, makes it less likely that one of the two scholarship freshmen burns a red-shirt.

Either Gary Nova or Mike Bimonte likely plays as a backup this year. Rutgers may try to keep both off the field barring injury. Whomever comes into camp in better shape and displays a better understanding of the playbook has a chance.

Needs More Time: Walk-ons Tyler Bellia and Jason Friday probably stay on the practice squad this season. Bellia had some opportunities to overtake Shimko after his injury, but Shimko's spring game ended any chances of that.

Schiano's Take: "I think the repetitions, without a doubt, are going to pay dividends [for Dodd]. I don't know if that is going to help him now, because we kept putting more and more in throughout the spring.

We believe in what we call whole part teaching, so we wanted to throw the whole thing at him and we did. Now, this summer, they are going to break it down on their own and do it piece by piece. We don't want – the old saying is we are going to pick up right where we left off – we can't afford to pick up where we left off. We have to pick up further advanced than what we left off.

That is going to be wholly on their commitment as a team – offensively, defensively and the kicking game – to improve this summer. We will give them all the resources they need to do that, but then it's a decision on their part to do it. I'm very confident that they will."

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