Tyree Talks Most Important Factor for College

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Jevon Tyree has already spent time at Rutgers this spring. ScarletReport.com caught up with the South Brunswick rising senior to discuss his plans for the upcoming week and if he will be returning to Rutgers any time soon ...

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- No matter how many schools get into the fray for South Brunswick athlete Jevon Tyree, Rutgers will stay toward the top of his list. Between its proximity to home and his friendship with Mohamed Sanu, Tyree likes Rutgers, he said.

"Rutgers has been one of the schools always in the top of my decisions," Tyree said. "Even though a lot of huge schools are talking to me, I still like Rutgers a lot. I can see myself playing at Rutgers. They are a loyal school and Coach [Greg] Schiano is someone you can trust.

"I'm real close with Mo. Of course he wants me to come to Rutgers, but he says it's more important that I'm happy with wherever I go. Everybody in town wants me to go to Rutgers."

Tyree made the short drive to Rutgers Stadium for the spring game last week, but left early because Sanu was not healthy enough to participate.

Constant contact with special teams coordinator Robb Smith has Tyree interested in another unofficial visit to Piscataway within the next few weeks.

"Coach Smith said he wanted me to come and hang out," Tyree said. "It's not like it's far away so it's something I want to do."

Proximity is something very important to Tyree in terms of his college decision. He said he would not be willing to go more than a few hours away unless there are special circumstances.

Those circumstances are the condition that his first cousin on his father's side, Dallas Anglin from Seton Hall Prep, comes to the same school for basketball.

"Being close to home is definitely important," Tyree said. "I really don't see myself going very far away."

Tyree has offers from Temple, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Penn State and Connecticut in addition to Rutgers and met with coaches from Notre Dame and Alabama at school this week.

Tyree said Oregon should also be coming to his school soon. He has no official ranking of schools at this time, but wants to visit UConn and Boston College. Penn State is "still in mind."

"I've been trying to get to Boston College for a visit to see what it's like, but I'm just trying to chop down some schoolwork now because it's the final marking period," Tyree said. "I've been busy and really tired out by lacrosse practice so I haven't been going anywhere."

Tyree plans to camp at Rutgers, but has not decided on any other summer activities yet. He has no time-table for a verbal commitment.

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