CoachSpeak: Solomon Breaks Down Agudosi

SOMERSET, N.J. -- After Franklin High receiver Carolton Agudosi announced Friday he was Rutgers bound, Warriors coach Lou Solomon spoke to about the latest member of the Scarlet Knights' 2012 class.

SOMERSET, N.J. – Franklin High's Carlton Agudosi's frame is similar to Rutgers red-shirt freshman Brandon Coleman, and that is why comparisons are being made.

Both are 6-foot-6, and in 2012 they will be on the same field, and the immediate thought is they could make formidable bookend receivers after Agudosi announced Friday he committed to Rutgers.

"I think they're getting a young man whose talent is maturing as he gets a little older," Franklin coach Lou Solomon said. "He's still young at the position. He's getting better and better every day, and I think by the time he gets there, they're going to have a young man that they know loves to compete.

"He's a high energy kid, he's a physical kid and at 6-6, he's unique. I think anybody would be excited about having someone of his size and his ability playing that position for them."

The growth Agudosi showed from last summer to this spring is monumental. He is aggressive going after the ball, is sure-handed and for his size, very elusive.

"I think it was his maturity level, getting comfortable with his body, understanding the position better, just working on his fundamentals," Solomon said. "He's doing a great job with that. He's getting strong also. I think not playing AAU basketball this spring has really helped him. By doing track and getting his coordination better …he's doing a tremendous job."

Agudosi caught 42 passes for 865 yards and eight touchdowns as a junior, and when the Scarlet Knights went to evaluate him in the fall against Hunterdon Central (Flemington, N.J.), he caught a season-high six passes.

"We tried to single him out a little bit and he made some great plays 1-on-1," Solomon said. "It wasn't a great day for us as a team, but he played well and showed he is a tough matchup 1-on-1."

The comparisons to Coleman come because of the size and frame, but Agudosi doesn't possess Coleman's speed. While Coleman runs in the 4.4s in the 40-yard dash, Agudosi is a little bit behind.

"I would say he's a low 4.6 right now," Solomon said. "When he gets stronger, he'll get faster. I'm not too concerned about that. He plays faster on the field than on his 40 time. A lot of that comes on technique of running and your starts."

Coleman also needed time to develop his body in the weight room. He didn't commit to Rutgers until days before signing day, but Agudosi's early commitment will allow him to speak with the Rutgers staff about a weight training regimen.

It could aid in Agudosi playing as a true freshman.

"I think it depends on what happens between now and what happens when he graduates next year," Solomon said. "You can get a lot stronger in 15 months. The time he puts in training and preparing himself will determine where he's at when he gets there. How soon he plays is going to depend on them, and the guys they have at Rutgers, and the staff and where he fits in."

The Scarlet Knights were the only program to offer Agudosi, mostly because neither he nor Solomon solicited exposure and because Agudosi always wanted to attend Rutgers.

"I think he fits well there because they like him," he said. "They want him. I always felt it's good to go somewhere you're really wanted. They showed a lot of interest in him, and that shows they're going to put a lot of time into making him a better football player. They won't put him on the backburner and be forgotten."

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