Agudosi's Mother's Day Gift

SOMERSET, N.J. -- Linda Agudosi received the best Mother's Day gift she could ask for. For one, her son Carlton Agudosi received a scholarship offer to play football. But more importantly, Carlton Agudosi will be "staying home." brings you inside the minds of two proud parents in a special Mother's Day piece...

SOMERSET, N.J. -- Carlton Agudosi gave his mother the perfect gift just in time for Mother's Day. Agudosi verbally committed to play at Rutgers Friday in the Franklin High School Library in a proud moment for his parents, Linda and Ike.

"I was so excited I started screaming ‘RU!'," Linda Agudosi said after she heard the news of her son's commitment. "I wanted to be sure that he thought about it thoroughly and it was exactly what he wanted to do. I thought he might be committing early, but he was very sure that this was right for him. I'm very happy he made the right choice."

The news came to the Agudosi family Wednesday that the college search was over. Carlton Agudosi received a scholarship offer from Rutgers and knew it was what he wanted.

"I am very happy and very excited that he is going to Rutgers," Linda Agudosi said. "I am so happy that he is staying home. I've met Coach Schiano, Coach Fleck, Bob Frasier and a lot of other ones. They definitely treat us well and they like him and I'm happy for him."

For his father, Ike Agudosi, his son's decision was a surprise — a happy surprise.

"We're very proud right now," he said. "We didn't expect it so quick. I wasn't expecting it to happen that soon. I thought maybe he would want to look at other schools, but then I knew that he's always loved Rutgers. I was very pleased to hear it though. I trust their coaching staff. I know they will take very good care of him when he's there. They already have been taking good care of him when he visits."

Now, their 6-foot-5 son, who is one of the top wide receivers in the Garden State, is just as close to home as he was on the Franklin High School gridiron.

"It's very important that he's close," Ike Agudosi said. "That means very much to me. Now we will not travel long distances to go see him play. We have a lot of family in this area and we will all always go to the games. We went a lot last year, but now when we go, it will be even more special.

"We've done the tour of the school and were very impressed. It's close so he can go there all the time now anyway and he brings his friends along."

Carlton Agudosi's biggest smiles Friday afternoon came when he looked at his family. Along with his mother and father, his sister and two grandmothers made the trip to Franklin High School to celebrate with the future Scarlet Knight.

"I'm excited for what this means to my family," Carlton Agudosi said. "I've got all my teammates here and the community will be behind me. I think this means a lot to my family. I think they were excited. They've been coming to my games since I was 4 years old and playing Pop Warner and they're going to keep coming when I'm in college."

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