Hamilton Getting Ready to Cut Down

When one has as many verbal offers as Darius Hamilton of Don Bosco Prep, it's hard to keep everything straight. ScarletReport.com caught up with Hamilton last night. Hamilton said he is still trying to make sense of everything and discussed his thoughts on cutting his list and where Rutgers stands ...

Five-star defensive lineman Darius Hamilton (Don Bosco Prep) took three visits to Rutgers during the spring and left each time with an improved image of Rutgers. Now putting together his plans for the summer with school coming to an end, Hamilton said Rutgers is towards the top of his favorites list.

"Right now, I like Rutgers, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina," Hamilton said. "I haven't fully evaluated all of the schools that have offered me, but those are the ones that stick out right now."

The recruiting process, Hamilton said, can be a bit of a headache. He plans to lean on role models like his head coach, Greg Toal, and father Keith Hamilton — former New York Giant defensive tackle.

"It's like everybody's coming at you," Hamilton said. "It's hard to keep straight all of that, so I'm very thankful for the people looking out for me and helping me out."

There is no official timetable for any decisions by Hamilton, but it appears the first series of cuts on his list may come as early as this week.

"I'm going to meet with my coach this week and he's going to help me set up unofficial visits," Hamilton said. "We're probably going to cut it to 10 or 15 soon and start looking at the academics and athletics and how they balance. After that cut, it's just a matter of time before its 10 to five to a commitment somewhere."

Rutgers, along with the other four aforementioned schools, "should be safe."

"I have a good relationship with [Rutgers'] coaching staff," Hamilton said. "Everybody there likes me like I'm family and that sticks with you."

It helps Rutgers' cause, Hamilton said, that former teammates Gary Nova and Paul Canevari are on their way to the Banks in a matter of weeks.

"Gary is always on me and a couple of the other guys," Hamilton said. "It's a good opportunity to be close and have teammates that I already know there. That's what Gary's always saying to us."

The "couple of other guys," Hamilton said are defensive backs Yuri Wright and Elijah Shumate, linebacker Mike Strizak and wide receiver Leonte Carroo, who all have RU offers.

"We have a lot of fun playing together," Hamilton said. "Some of us play defense and some of us play offense so it's really like we're practicing against the best of the best every time out there."

When asked about possibly committing alongside one of his many Division I-bound teammates, Hamilton laughed before saying it is a possibility.

"I guess it could happen together," Hamilton said. "It's not something we've talked about. However it happens, that's something we'll see down the road."

As for his personal timetable, it could be before the season or it could go down to the wire.

"I'm not sure," he said. "If the time becomes right, it could happen. I might do it on TV, maybe before the season. The time has to be right."

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