Longa Recaps In-Depth Visit to Rutgers

Saddle Brook High linebacker Steve Longa is one of the hottest recruits in New Jersey, and Saturday he spent the day on the Rutgers campus with his family. The day included meetings, tours and presentations, as well as a stop at a campus landmark for lunch. After the trip, Longa spoke with ScarletReport.com about his day, and what he learned.

The suddenly fast-paced recruitment of Saddle Brook (N.J.) High linebacker Steve Longa took a seven-hour stopover at Rutgers on Saturday, and while this wasn't his first trip to campus, it certainly was his most complete.

The 6-foot-1, 210-poung Longa spent the day with his family touring the Rutgers campus, listening to academic presentations and then doing one of the most Rutgers things around.

"We went and had some Fat sandwiches for lunch," Longa said. "I had one with mozzarella, chicken, fries and ketchup. My mom was going to have the Fat Moon, but she couldn't eat it. It was too much."

Throughout the day, which included a detailed academic presentation by dean Carl Kirschner and a long conversation with coach Greg Schiano, Longa and his family were made to feel at home.

"This one they really took care of me and made sure they showed me everything," Longa said, "and answered every single question that I had."

The family toured the Hale Center, and also met with the coaching staff, director of football academic support Scott Walker, as well the training staff and strength and conditioning staff.

"I learned that they look over their football players and they expect big things for them," Longa said. "They're No. 1 in APR in the country, which is very, very amazing. It shows you if you go to Rutgers, and you're serious and want to go to school and get your degree, there's nothing that can stop you. There's no way you can fail out of Rutgers. It's impossible."

Learning about Rutgers' academic approach, history and prestige was something Longa needed to see.

"It was very important," he said. "I know I can play. I know when I put my mind to it, I can play. One thing we wanted to look at was the academic part of the university, and how they treat the football players and how they help, and if I'm going to have time to go to school, do football and my homework.

"That was the main thing. My parents were very satisfied with everything they had to tell us and show us, and prove to us. They didn't just show us. They proved it to us. That was good."

Longa also continued to forge his relationship with Schiano.

"My parents like him a lot," he said. "He's a serious guy. He's there to make a difference. He's very serious about everything he likes."

Longa said next on his agenda are visits to Connecticut and Boston College, "hopefully" FIU and a trip to Dallas to play for the New Jersey team in a national 7-on-7 tournament.

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