Transition to Training Camp: Special Teams concludes its position-analysis series today with a look at special teams. Punters Teddy Dellaganna and Kyle Sullivan are gone from last year's squad and takes a look at what to expect going into camp. We hope you enjoyed the series

Spring Lesson: Special teams was not a major part of the Scarlet-White game, but the struggles were well-documented throughout the spring. Long gone are the days of Joe Radigan's reliable punting leg. The punting game was in such question that Mohamed Sanu got a serious look at the position.

Coach Greg Schiano devoted nearly three minutes at the end of his spring press conference to special teams and put both the kicking and punting games in perspective...

Schiano's Take:"I'm really encouraged by the punt team in the last four or five practices. I was really discouraged on the first eight or so. I kept waiting for it to come and it just didn't, but patience paid off. I think we protected better and I think we punted the ball much better.

Will Anthony (DiPaula) be the guy? I don't know. We'll figure that all out when we get to training camp. I thought the last four practices, he punted like a Division I punter. You have a crazy man screaming in your ear every time you take a snap – whether that helped or not, I don't know. We'll see. I thought we improved there. PAT and field goal, we will be fine.

San San Te will have a good year. San San will kick the ball well. We'll protect it well. I got aggravated the other day because there is no excuse for that. We do it every day. But we will be good on that team. I think San San has made an increased commitment since January to really be a master at his craft.

If you are a kicker or a punter, you need to make a total commitment to that because that is a craft, a specialty skill. I think he will continue to do that this summer and really be ready to have a big year. We need him to have a great year. We need that from both our punter and our kicker. I think our kicker is in position to do that and our punter, we'll have to see."

Starters out of Spring: There is no question that senior San San Te is the starting place-kicker for the Scarlet Knights. Te has three years of experience and, as Schiano said, the team has confidence in him to do the job again this season.

Punter, however, has a lot of questions. Anthony DiPaula came on strong at the end of the spring according to Schiano. DiPaula, a freshman early enrollee, replaces the graduating Teddy Dellaganna and transferred Kyle Sullivan.

With a semester of college already under his belt, the mental transition should be easier on DiPaula going into training camp.

Robert Jones returns as the starting long-snapper after a clean red-shirt freshman season.

Got a Chance: If DiPaula struggles this camp, Sanu may work some at punter. He punted a handful of times out of the Wildcat last year and has a very strong leg. The obvious concern here is putting him unnecessarily in harm's way.

On kickoffs, there is a small chance defensive lineman Daryl Stephenson may get a brief look in training camp. With Sayreville High School, Stephenson continually boomed kickoffs to the goal line. Imagine having a 265-pound lineman as the last line of defense on kick-off coverage.

Needs More Time: Walk-on Nick DeLouisa will likely continue his role on the practice squad on kickoffs and punting.

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