Carroo Will Not Decide Until After Season

Colleges from across the country flock to Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) each spring during the evaluation period to get a look at a high school powerhouse and some of the top recruits in the Northeast. Yesterday alone, five colleges came to check out receiver Leonte Carroo and his teammates. caught up with Carroo to discuss the process, Rutgers and his track prowess.

When Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J.) wide receiver Leonte Carroo trims his list to 10 schools in June, the chances are "very high" that Rutgers makes the cut.

Growing up within walking distance of Rutgers Stadium helps, but that is not the main reason Carroo has a strong interest in his home-state university.

"It's very close, so I've known Rutgers for a long time," Carroo said. "The most important thing is the relationships. I have great relationships with the coaching staff and that goes far."

The best relationship, Carroo said, is his relationship with assistant coach Jeff Hafley.

"I knew him since he was at [Pittsburgh]," Carroo said. "We have a very, very good relationship. We talk all the time. The thing I like about Coach Hafley is that he spends all day at the school when he comes to visit. He really likes seeing us."

Carroo said he also admires the academic reputation of Rutgers, particularly the recent second-place finish in the Academic Progress Report.

"Academics are very important to me," he said. "I want to make sure I'm getting the best education I can get because football isn't there forever. Rutgers has good academics."

Hafley visited Don Bosco for an entire day last week, but yesterday alone, five colleges came out to the school to look at Carroo, Darius Hamilton, Yuri Wright, Elijah Shumate and company.

Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Stanford and USC check in and Carroo said he expects many more schools to come by until Don Bosco lets out June 16.

"It's a very cool experience and I'm enjoying every minute of it," Carroo said. "With all of my teammates, we're building relationships with coaches all across the country and getting to know a lot of people. It's great."

Though football is long over for the year, Carroo is keeping himself very busy in outdoor track. He recently broke his own school record in the 400-meter during county races. Carroo ran with a time of 48.4 seconds, third best in the state this year.

Carroo hoped to compete in the 100- and 200-meter races as well, but an SAT examination kept him off the track. Missing the 100-meter was particularly disappointed, he said, because he is one of the best in the state.

"The colleges want to see how fast I am," Carroo said. "The 400 is a tough event and coaches like it. They really like my 100 speed."

Like Carroo's teammates, he will wait until after the season to announce his college decision. He said "it's for the good of the team" with another championship ring in his sights. If given the chance, Carroo would like to make his announcement on television.

Carroo said he has no plans of playing any position other than wide receiver in college after recording 18 touchdowns and 1,100 receiving yards as a junior.

Though Gary Nova will not be throwing him the ball next season, he is confident in the offense.

"It will be weird without him," Carroo said. "Gary was a great quarterback but we have another great quarterback this year. We will be just as good on offense."

If Nova has his way, the two will be playing catch as teammates again soon, Carroo said.

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