Peele Going Strong After Commitment

After the recent swarm in verbal commitments for Rutgers, caught up with the first member of the Class of 2012 — Ruhann Peele. Peele discussed life after his commitment and his thoughts on the growing recruiting class.

Committing as early in the process as Ruhann Peele "definitely has its advantages."

Instead of worrying about visits or camps or dealing with droves of recruiters and coaches, Peele is simply focused on getting ready for his senior season and Rutgers shortly thereafter.

"Things are good," Peele said. "I'm not trying to decide on a school to commit to or worrying about that stuff. I can just improve my game and myself. It's a focus on academics now."

With teammates at Linden High School (Linden, N.J.), Peele is in the middle of a spring camp to stay in shape and improve his school.

Peele works with teammates and other local athletes in various drills and 7-on-7 activities.

"It's helpful, but it's more fun than anything," Peele said. "It's teams we play during the season, so you can have fun competing and talking a little trash. It's good to try and recruit too."

Though unfamiliar with many recruiting targets, Peele said he does what he can. He named D.J. Singleton of St. Peters Prep and Elijah Hughes of Elizabeth.

Since Peele committed April 12, four other rising seniors added their names to the Rutgers Class of 2012. Each commitment was exciting to Peele, but the addition of Carlton Agudosi stood out to him above the other three.

"That's going to help our team a lot," Peele said. "He's a really big guy and a talent. I can't wait to play with him."

Peele said he also likes that he can say he was the first commitment for the class.

"It's good to be the first," Peele said. "The class is getting bigger and it's talented, but I was first."

As an early commitment at wide receiver, Peele said his contact with coach P.J. Fleck stayed consistent.

Fleck has had a good relationship with Peele since joining the staff prior to last season.

"I talk with Coach Fleck a lot," Peele said. "I really like him. He's starting to be a coach early. It's no more trying to get me to commit, it's trying to help me get better."

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