Pinnix-Odrick Expanding Interests

Montclair's Julian Pinnix-Odrick has had a very busy spring and an even busier summer planned. caught up with the three-star defensive lineman to find out his time-table for cutting his list and reaching a decision. Will he camp at Rutgers? What role will his family affiliations at Penn State play? Come inside and find out.

Nearing the end of his outdoor track season and junior year, Julian Pinnix-Odrick looks forward to a few days off before jumping back into football.

His first football activity of the summer? Pinnix-Odrick hopes to be at Rutgers for camp in mid-June.

"I really want to get there because of the unique opportunity it gives me," Pinnix-Odrick said. "We are going to Connecticut as a team the next day, but I think I will be at Rutgers."

Rutgers was one of the first schools on Pinnix-Odrick's radar. He said he wants to get to camp because it allows him to view Rutgers from a different perspective than an average visit to practice.

"It will give me a chance to get coached by college guys and learn their coaching style," he said. "That would be huge for me. It should be a good time. I can meet some of the other big recruits and get to know coaches better. I even get to look at film with the coaches. We do film-study and drills."

Pinnix-Odrick said he speaks most frequently with assistant Phil Galiano and wants to work with him in a camp environment.

"I'll take all the coaching I can get," Pinnix-Odrick said. "I want to help my team win a state championship this year and getting better and learning college techniques would be big."

After saying last month at the NIKE camp at Rutgers Stadium that the Scarlet Knights and Penn State were his leaders, Pinnix-Odrick backed off that statement.

He said he has the most knowledge of Piscataway and State College, Pa., of any college towns, but he is not far enough in the process to have true leaders.

"I don't have any favorites yet," he said. "I have more learning to do. I don't want to have any regrets when I make my choice."

Along with Rutgers and Penn State, Pinnix-Odrick said he is interested in Maryland, Syracuse, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Michigan State. He will "definitely" camp at both Pitt and UConn and may go to Michigan State and Syracuse as well.

"When I make a decision, I need to be as well-informed as possible," he said. "I don't want to make a decision too early or with the wrong information and regret it later on."

That decision may take a while.

"Most likely, I will decide after the season unless someone really jumps out," Pinnix-Odrick said.

With Penn State, Pinnix-Odrick spent four years of watching half-brother Jared Odrick make plays. Jared Odrick became a first-round pick as a defensive end to the Miami Dolphins.

"Obviously I love Penn State, but I want to talk to the coaches there more to see if I like their style and everything," he said. ". I saw the inside and the outside as a family member and saw how it was."

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