Top 5 Road Trips on Future Schedules

The Rutgers Stadium experience can be awesome, but there is nothing wrong with venturing out and combining a road game with a vacation.'s "30 lists in 30 days" continues with its Top 5 road trips on future schedules.

Attending a game at Rutgers Stadium offers its own excitement and uniqueness, but going to a road game is something totally different. And costly.

With the understanding of the expense and logistics of attending a road game, is giving you plenty of time to save, plan and reserve.

Dates and times still need to be finalized, but at least the destinations and years are set, so get your tickets, reserve the hotel rooms and get out your tourist maps.

5. at Tulane (2012): A trip to New Orleans is a must for those who have not traveled to the picturesque and wonderfully mysterious city. Going in on a Friday and leaving on a Sunday won't do it justice, but it's better than not going.

Nothing like standing in the French Quarter looking at the Mississippi River and watching a barge go by above you because the city is below sea level. But a trip is much more than New Orleans, especially if you travel out into the bayou or want to enjoy some of the best food around.

4. at TCU (2013 or 2014): Chances of seeing the newest addition to the Big East is the tip of the ice berg. The trip to Fort Worth, Texas, means a trip to neighboring Dallas, and a must visit to Dealey Plaza. It is a big city where everything is done big.

Since a 2012 trip is already on the docket and the Big East has not said when the Horned Frogs will host Rutgers, we are going with either 2013 or 2014. Oh, and can we recommend Sol's Taco Lounge for dinner one night?

3. at Miami (2019): Yes, this one is far in the future, and by then so many things can change. But a trip to South Florida (and South Beach or Little Havana or Joe's Stone Crab) is never a bad thing.

And while the Hurricanes play at Sun Life Stadium, which is 20 miles north of campus, a trip to the Coral Gables, Fla., campus is worth the time since it is a very pretty place. Also, Fort Lauderdale is right up the road and hey, it's only a four-hour drive to Disney World.

2. at Penn State (2015): The thought of heading to Happy Valley may not be the best thing for Rutgers fans, but think of the pleasure of walking out of Beaver Stadium celebrating a Rutgers win.

The game could serve as an educational tool for Rutgers fans as well since it could show what the atmosphere of 85,000 people is like, and why beating the Nittany Lions for kids in Pennsylvania, and even some kids in New Jersey, is such a chore.

1. at UCLA (2017): Having covered UCLA for six seasons and living in Los Angeles for 11 years, serving as a tour guide would not be a problem. It's a long trip, but one worth taking, and making it a week-long extravaganza.

The Rose Bowl is picturesque with the neighboring mountains and from the beaches, to the theme parks, and even a trip into the mountains are all worth it. Word of advice, though, bail on Hollywood. It can be quite the disappointment.

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