Will Arcidiacono Be Next?

WARMINSTER, Pa. — During Frank Taylor's and Brandon Peoples' commitment ceremony yesterday at Archbishop Wood High School, center Brandon Arcidiacono watched proudly as his third and fourth teammates made it official. ScarletReport.com spoke with the No. 8 center prospect about when his turn will come and what schools are still in play.

WARMINSTER, Pa. — Center Brandon Arcidiacono is not yet ready to make a decision, but he will be by the start of his senior season at Archbishop Wood.

Until Arcidiacono's day comes, he is happy watching his teammates commit like Frank Taylor and Brandon Peoples yesterday afternoon after school.

"Two of my best friends just committed," Arcidiacono said. "It's great. It's really good picks for both of them. They both fit. Like, as soon as Frank got back from BC, he was non-stop talking about it. He's just so happy with it.

"Brandon is one of the hardest workers in the team. He had wanted Temple for a while. He really liked them."

During Taylor's question and answer session with the media, he mentioned the idea that his best chance at early playing time is at center. The 6-foot-3, 285-pounder said Boston College told him the immediate need is at center — Arcidiacono's natural position.

"We worked at center together a few practices because he's trying to learn the position now," he said. "He did pretty well and it looks like they're liking him there. [Boston College is] a good offensive-line producing school, so good for him."

The Eagles have commitments from two offensive linemen, including Taylor, who expects to play center. Arcidiacono said he is still "very interested" in Boston College and wants to have to earn a starting job wherever he goes.

"I'm an all-around lineman," he said. "They told me the best five can start, so I have to earn it anywhere. I've played tackle and guard too, so I would have experience everywhere coming in. They're still recruiting me. If I end up going to BC, we're going to still compete."

Arcidiacono is up to 15 verbal offers after picking one up yesterday from Illinois. He said he plays to visit Boston College, Pittsburgh and Villanova at the minimum in addition Rutgers next week.

Teammate Desmon Peoples will take Arcidiacono on the hour-drive to Piscataway for an overnight trip to see the full campus, instead of just the athletic facilities.

"I want to get a feel for the whole place," Arcidiacono said. "Desmon has told me about a lot, but I want to see the campus and the school environment. It would be hard to choose a place if I hadn't seen it."

With teammates committed to Rutgers, Temple and Boston College, Arcidiacono said he could see himself at any of the three schools and would love an opportunity to remain teammates with one of them.

"With me, Rutgers, BC and Temple are all up there in my top," he said. "They're good possibilities. We were talking about that at Notre Dame's Junior Day. We were all at the same table and we were thinking ‘what if we all went here?' Then the same thing happened with Rutgers. ‘What if we all went here?' It would be a pretty big deal, coming in knowing a bunch of people and have a lot of friends."

Arcidiacono said his decision will come sometime before the start of his season. Once school restarts in the fall, he will make it official with a press conference like his teammates had. His decision, however, may not take until September to make.

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