Top 5 Eating Establishments on Gameday

Turning the calendars to June and concluding the spring evaluation period, introduces a new series. The "30 lists in 30 days" series is designed to lead us into the camp circuit. Have your own thoughts on one of our lists? Feel free to debate on the message boards. Today, we look at the top five Rutgers eating establishments on gameday.

With no offense meant to the world famous Rutgers90 tailgate or other ScarletReport traditions, here is a look at the top five eating establishments in New Brunswick/Piscataway before kickoff at Rutgers Stadium.

5.) Rutgers Stadium — You're going to have to bear with me on this one. No. 5, Rutgers Stadium food, is kind of a student-only suggestion. Because with a meal plan, students can enjoy all of the $8 Italian sausages, $3 Pepsi products, candy, burgers, hot dogs and more for free

Students have dozens of leftover meal swipes each semester and just one gets you $10 worth of grub at a game. With no limit on the number you can use, that could be enough food for the entire weekend.

4.) Tido 'n His Junkyard Dogs — Located the corner of Easton Ave and Stone Street, Tido is a terrific, under-the-radar eating establishment for game days.

Cheap dogs, variety, classic thick-cut fries and quick service make Tido a good quick stop on your way to the game. Check out the $5 special, which includes two hot dogs of any style, fries and a pickle. Tido also makes fat-sandwich style dogs loaded with plenty of gameday favorites.

3.) Stuff Yer Face — The only issue with the Rutgers classic is the wait. Nothing says Rutgers like a classic boli and a beer to celebrate a victory, or pregame for one.

Stuff has a strong selection of drinks, bolis and appetizers if you're willing to deal with the wait caused by 500 other Rutgers fans craving to stop by Mario Batali's old stomping grounds.

2.) Olde Queens Tavern — Sometimes the beverage is all you want before a game and the food takes a backseat.

Old Queens Tavern, on the corner of Easton and Mine, is the perfect place to get ready for the game, celebrate a victory or drown your sorrows — assuming you have a designated driver.

The advantage of Old Queens over other Easton Ave bars is have Blitzburger attached if you want satisfying bite to eat along with your adult beverage of choice.

1.) Grease Trucks — What else? Nothing says college football like a hamburger, some chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, French fries and marinara sauce shoved into a thick sandwich roll (Fat Knight).

A fat sandwich, featured on ESPN's "Taste of the Town" and the Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food, is perfect to bring to the stadium to eat during a game, bring to a pregame activity or celebrate late night after an 8 p.m. game (I'm guilty on all charges).

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