Most Valuable Knights, Part II

Turning the calendars to June and concluding the spring evaluation period, introduces a new series. The "30 lists in 30 days" series is designed to lead us into the camp circuit. Have your own thoughts on one of our lists? Feel free to debate on the message boards. Today and yesterday, we look at the most valuable members of the roster in 2011.

Here is the second part of our look at the top 10 most valuable Scarlet Knights in the 2011 season.

5.) S David Rowe — Rowe spent two years as a starting cornerback and has been a staple in the secondary since he found the field as a true freshman. Converted to safety, Rowe can now keep the game in front of him instead of being on his heels chasing after Jonathan Baldwin.

The position change went smoothly in the spring. This training camp, Rowe has a good chance of becoming a team captain and true leader of the defense.

4.) OT Andre Civil — A converted defensive end, Civil may be the smallest left tackle in the Big East at 6-foot-3, but he put in a good spring and is crucial to the success of the offense this season.

Civil played primarily right tackle last season, but moved to Chas Dodd's blindside in the spring. On an offensive line that gave up 61 sacks last season, Civil and the aforementioned Desmond Stapleton need to be anchors this season.

3.) WR Mohamed Sanu — One of the most versatile players in the country, Sanu is primed for an improved season. Sanu enters training camp at full health next month and has enough offensive weapons around him that he does not have to do all the work.

Before an injury last season, Sanu was the first option on nearly every pass more than 10 yards last season to go along with 10 touches per game in the Wildcat. In a new offensive scheme, with developed weapons like Mark Harrison and Jeremy Deering and potential threats like Savon Huggins, Brandon Coleman and Tim Wright, a lot less pressure is on Sanu.

In his junior season, Sanu will be able to do what he does best — get the ball and make plays.

2.) DT Scott Vallone — Vallone is the anchor of the defensive front for the second straight year. Coach Greg Schiano was nothing but positive about Vallone, who was shut down at the end of spring to keep healthy.

There is not much to say about Vallone other than that he has already had two dominant seasons in scarlet and will be ready for a third as training camp begins.

1.) QB Chas Dodd — Think about it. Which loss, above any other, would be the most devastating to the 2011 Scarlet Knights? If Dodd were unable to play, what happens? Do you play a true freshman? It worked for Tom Savage and Dodd, but is very risky. Do you go with Steve Shimko? Sanu?

Dodd is the one player that Rutgers absolutely needs to be successful. He showed what he can do as a true freshman and now has a full year in a college program. On top of experience and skill, Dodd is primed to be a leader of the 2011 Scarlet Knights. Teammates will look to him for leadership and the former starting quarterback of one of the top high school programs in the country will want to answer the call.

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