Top 5 Impact Freshmen

The "30 lists in 30 days" series is designed to lead us into the camp circuit. Have your own thoughts on one of our lists? Feel free to debate on the message boards. Today, we rank the Rutgers basketball "wolfpack" in order of impact as freshmen.

5.) G/F Malick Kone — At the Shore League, Kone showed exactly what Rutgers fans can expect from him this season.

Kone hustled every minute he was on the court, but was very raw. He showed an offensive spark and developed a solid fourth-quarter connection with his guards.

At the same time, however, Kone was very raw. He badly missed two jump shots and mishandled multiple quick passes that came his way.

4.) F Derrick Randall — Of all freshmen on the team, Randall will be the best on the boards as a freshman. He does not have a polished offensive game, but his rebounding ability will find him playing time in a front court much more crowded than last season.

Randall is a raw talent, but good enough to play valuable minutes right away.

3.) F/C Kadeem Jack — Having a semester of college under his belt while red-shirting is huge for the big man.

Jack, a four-star forward/center recruit out of South Kent School (South Kent, Conn.), told in March that he was happy to be red-shirting.

The 6-foot-9, 220-pound Jack May not be as strong inside as Randall or Greg Lewis, but is the more complete and experienced post player. He will compete for minutes in the frontcourt with junior Austin Johnson and sophomore Gilvydas Biruta.

2.) G Myles Mack — Mack is going to have the ball in his hands a lot this season and he knows what to do with it. His jump shot is inconsistent and his height, a generous 5-foot-11, is not ideal for the Big East, but he has the quickness to make up for it.

In his first Shore League game, Mack was sloppy in distributing the ball, but was the quickest player on the court. With Mike Rice in charge, the sloppiness will clean itself up.

1.) G Jerome Seagears — The choice between Mack and Seagears almost comes down to personal preference. Both guards will play and play well.

Seagears appears more adjusted to college life and is more vocal among the team. He played a cleaner game in Belmar last week, but there is plenty of time before the season tips off for things to change.

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