Nick Arcidiacono Talks Brother's Commitment

WARMINSTER, Pa. -- Rutgers commit Brandon Arcidiacono exploded onto the scene at the end of his junior season. Younger brother Nick Arcidiacono, a rising junior at Archbishop Wood, hopes to do the same.

WARMINSTER, Pa. — Watching in the background while Brandon Arcidiacono announced Rutgers as his college choice, younger brother Nick Arcidiacono hoped that his time comes a year from now.

A rising junior at Archbishop Wood (Warminster, Pa.), Arcidiacono is starting to receive his own contact from colleges after his two older brothers ended up at Rutgers and Penn State.

"It was really cool watch my brother do his thing," Arcidiacono said. "I'm really excited for him and I'm hoping to maybe do the same thing next year and get to where he's at. It was really cool though. I'm very proud."

Arcidiacono, who is 6-foot-4, 250 pounds, has a frame to grow with two high schools seasons left to play. Brandon Arcidiacono grew significantly during his junior year and Nick Arcidiacono hopes to do the same.

"I saw how it happened with my brother and I hope that's how it happens for me," Arcidiacono said. "Other than that state championship, this is the most important thing to me. I want to be where my brothers are at and get to that level."

Archbishop Wood head coach Steve Devlin said multiple schools have already inquired about Arcidiacono and that Villanova and Rutgers are the most involved.

"Nick is a good kid with a big upside," Devlin said. "He's one to keep an eye one for sure."

With one brother at Penn State and another committed to Rutgers, Arcidiacono said he will make visits this summer and fall, with Rutgers first on the list.

"I haven't actually been before but I'm sure Brandon will take me," he said. "I hear it's really nice up there so I would love to visit."

With his brother's recruiting process over, Arcidiacono said his new focus is on the upcoming season, where he starts at guard for Archbishop Wood.

On an offense that features two Arcidiaconos, Boston College bound Frank Taylor, Florid bound Colin Thompson, Rutgers bound Desmon Peoples and Temple bound Brandon Peoples, winning this season is a focus of the entire team.

Getting recruiting out of the way early was the best way to focus on winning a state championship.

"I'm very happy about them getting it done early," Arcidiacono said. "They know our team goal and they're not thinking about themselves. They're thinking about doing what's right for the team to win a state championship.

"I'm excited for this season. Our main goal is a state championship. That's what I want. That's what we all want. We'll get there with this talent."

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