Peele Lights up at Kean 7-on-7

UNION, N.J. — A weekend ago at the Kean University 7-on-7, Linden wide receiver and Rutgers verbal commit Ruhann Peele was one of the stars of the show. The first member of the Rutgers Class of 2012 dominated the competition to help lead his team to the elimination rounds. spoke with Peele about life after his commitment and his on-field skills.

UNION, N.J. — Ruhann Peele did not even know how many touchdowns he scored last weekend at Kean. His coach, Deon Candia, estimates somewhere between 10 and 15 touchdowns through his five games before elimination.

Peele made a name for himself as a rising junior at Kean, so teams knew what to expect his next time out. Despite that, Peele still reached the end zone more than 10 times.

"Things went well for me," Peele said. "I can't even keep count of how many I scored. But I'm disappointed we lost. We fought hard, but it happens."

Peele, who committed to Rutgers in early April, said he is focused on team-building through the summer. He helped lead Linden far into the Kean 7-on-7 until the team lost to Florida State bound quarterback Sean Maguire and Seton Hall Prep in two overtimes.

Peele faced double and triple teams because of his reputation for finding the end zone, but still managed to dominate the competition.

"This is good to get the team chemistry up and get the young guys ready," Peele said. "Everybody connects. I want to be more of a leader this year and this is a good way to establish myself.

"The offseason could be better, but I'm happy with everything I'm doing right now. I'm running a lot to get my stamina up but I want to get my weight up some more."

Peele said he weighed in that morning at 178 pounds, but wants to be five pounds heavier before the start of the season and 10 pounds heavier by the time he gets to Rutgers.

By committing in April, Peele said the time since is "peaceful." After initial pressure from schools like Miami, colleges have backed off, Peele said.

"The first couple of weeks, schools were trying to get me, but no more schools are jumping at me," Peele said. "They get it. I still get a few letters, but it's nothing serious because they know I'm all Rutgers."

The 6-foot-1 receiver is open about his need to improve academics to make it to Rutgers and said that remains his primary focus, even more so than football, in his senior year.

"I did better at the end of the year," Peele said. "Things are good. I still have to do better and finish strong my senior year and then I should be good. It's very important to stay focused. Without my grades, I probably won't even go to college"

Peele said he is excited to watch the recruiting class grow, particularly with some of the big names out of Pennsylvania.

"It's good to watch it grow," Peele said. "[Chris Muller], [Desmon Peoples], [Blake Rankin], all those guys are real good. We'll tear it up when we get there. I have to get to know these guys better, though. I know who they all are, but I'm so busy I haven't found time to reach out."

Contact with receivers coach P.J. Fleck is a weekly thing, Peele said.

"Coach Fleck calls me a lot," he said. "I call him a lot too. He's cool. He's one of the biggest reasons I wanted to commit and one of the reasons why I can't wait to get to Rutgers. I can't wait for him to be my position coach. He's just the best."

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