Analysis: Breaking Down JSBL Loss

BELMAR, N.J. — The Rutgers contingent of the Jersey Shore Basketball League, the Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaners, fell to Sea View, featuring Seton Hall players, 109-91 last night at St. Rose. The Gutter Cleaners led by one going into the fourth, but fell apart and drop to 2-4 this summer.

BELMAR, N.J. — For 35 minutes, The Gutter Cleaners, featuring nine Rutgers players, were smooth, in control and in command. Then everything fell apart in a matter of minutes.

Leading by one point going into the fourth quarter, the Gutter Cleaners stopped defending the perimeter in transition and fell behind by 13 points five minutes later.

Former Notre Dame guard Kyle McAlarney shot the lights out in the fourth quarter for Sea View and finished with 35 points. Seton Hall's Fuquan Edwin put in another 17, but got in foul trouble.

The Cleaners dominated in the post with Austin Johnson putting up his best performance, but lackluster fourth-quarter defense prevented the team from breaking even.

"We just sort of stopped defending their guards in the fourth," said incoming freshman Derrick Randall. "We played 35 good minutes, but we didn't have an answer for their shooters. It's disappointing, but it's also exciting because we're so much better than [our first game]."

Rutgers Spotlight.


Jerome Seagears: 11 points, two assists, one rebound. Seagears drove to the basket well and was key in getting Sea View in early foul trouble. He was the most vocal player on the court, but was one of the defending guards that played horrendous fourth-quarter defense.

Elijah Carter: 14 points, three assists, three rebounds. Carter was not a factor in the first half, but was the most well-rounded guard from the Gutter Cleaners.

Myles Mack: Three points, three assists, two rebounds. Mack just didn't have it. He missed six 3-pointers and took a backseat to Seagears and Carter in dictating the flow of the offense.

Austin Johnson: 23 points, seven rebounds, three assists. Johnson was the best post player on the court. He played tough defense, rebounded and moved well to get the ball in the paint. Johnson had a few poor games before today, so consistency will be key for the remainder of the JSBL.

Wally Judge: 12 points, eight rebounds, four assists. Judge does not always seem to be focused on the game, but makes enough athletic plays on both sides of the court to be an impact player.


Malick Kone: 10 points, four rebounds. Kone continues to be a solid wing off the bench. He has a decent jump shot and a high motor.

Derrick Randall: 11 points, nine rebounds. Randall will definitely have an impact with Rutgers this fall as a rebounder. His offensive game needs work, however.

Austin Carroll: Six points, two assists, one rebound. Carroll is finding his groove after sitting out the beginning of the JSBL with a minor injury.

Greg Lewis: One point, three rebounds, one assist. Lewis did not see many minutes, with the Gutter Cleaners primarily using three-guard lineups.

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