Analysis: Coach Breaks Down RU Cagers

BELMAR, N.J. -- Brian Kennedy is a former assistant coach at DePaul, and this summer he is serving as the head coach for the nine Rutgers players on the Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaners in the Verizon Fios Jersey Shore Basketball League. After Thursday's 128-103 win against Team Shore, Kennedy provided with a scouting report on all nine Scarlet Knights on his team.

BELMAR, N.J. -- The Rutgers-led Gutter Cleaners used a strong fourth quarter to roll to its fourth win five games to beat Team Shore 128-103 Thursday at St. Rose High in the Verizon Fios Jersey Shore Basketball League. Rutgers had a huge final stanza, turning a six-point lead at the end of the third quarter into a route as Myles Mack hit a number of 3-pointers to finish with 27 points and Jerome Seagears added 22 points. The team is now 4-4 heading into the last week of the regular season, and after the win Gutter Cleaners coach Brian Kennedy, a former assistant coach at DePaul, provided with a scouting report on each Scarlet Knights. C Wally Judge (12 points, 18 rebounds)
Kennedy says: Wally has a world of potential. He's a great kid. He has tremendous athletic ability, and this year off will be a good year for him to develop his perimeter skills, and in particular, his outside shooting. He's got phenomenal athleticism. He's got great strength in his legs.
He reminds me of a kid I coached at DePaul, Quentin Richardson. He had to develop an outside game. He came in and was an undersized forward when he came into DePaul. He played inside but then developed his perimeter game and became a very good stand still 3-point shooter, and Wally reminds me a lot of him. They have a lot of similarities, with Wally being a couple inches taller.

PF Derrick Randall (15 points, 7 rebounds)
Kennedy says: Derrick's got great hands. For a big guy, he's got some of the best hands that I've seen in a long time. He's got to work on the right hand, but his ability to pick the ball up and trying to fake, or getting rebounds, he's got really strong hands. Anything that comes in his area, he's able to grab.

C Austin Johnson (11 points, 7 rebounds)
Kennedy says: He's very strong inside. He's been having a great summer, as far as leadership is concerned with the younger kids. He's really been a great influence with the younger big kids like Greg (Lewis) and Derrick (Randall). He's shown a lot of leadership in there.

PG Myles Mack (27 points)
Kennedy says: He's been great all summer. His got tremendous tutelage under coach (Bob) Hurley (at St. Anthony High), but he's best when he's attacking and using his speed, especially going north and south. He's terrific.

G Jerome Seagears (22 points)
Kennedy says: He's probably the best on-ball defender the team has. He's very quick laterally, in his strength, and he's really becoming more consistent with his outside shot. I didn't realize he was that good as an outside shooter. Once he learns under (Rutgers coach) Mike (Rice) in his system, I think he's going to be a great steal for them at Rutgers.

G Eli Carter (15 points)
Kennedy says: I'd have to say over the summer, he's probably been the most consistent player. When he gets it going offensively, he's very difficult to stop. Having played for coach Hurley and then prepping for a year, he's got a little moxie to his game, a little maturity to his game. He's got length, very long arms, so I think maybe his lack of height, he can make up for with his wing span.

G/SF Austin Carroll (9 points)
Kennedy says: He's coming off a knee injury. His outside shot is so important because he can really stretch the defense with that. If he becomes a consistent knock-down shooter, that helps them tremendously. And it he's a heady player who really knows how to play.

SF Malick Kone (6 points)
Kennedy says: He's a great kid, one of the hardest workers on the team. He's out there defending, and he's coming along great. On this team, he's really a (wing). His outside shooting, he's been working on it all summer. You can see the improvement from the beginning of the month until now.
He's one of those kids with a real high ceiling because he's only being playing organized basketball for a limited amount of time. A block he had (Thursday) really showed his athleticism. He had his head up at the rim. He's just learning, and you can see he's much more comfortable out there, and it's taken a while.

C Greg Lewis (8 points)
Kennedy says: Greg Lewis has really improved offensively. He's got great offensive moves. Defensively, he's got quick feet on the perimeter. As far as all the big guys are concerned, he's got the best lateral foot-speed out there. He's got good hands, too. His upside is really tremendous.

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