The Word from the ACC

I received this note from a well placed source inside the Atlantic Coast Conference, I had to omit some words that might help indentify my source:

"Apparently the ACC is very enamored with the success of the SEC in regard to their football championship and the revenue it generates. The conference has developed a list of potential schools that could be a 'fit' for the ACC. The word at (name of school omitted) is that each ACC school was assigned to follow and develop a report on one of the targeted schools. The feeling at (name of school omitted) is that their AD was assigned to cover Miami.

The ACC has a meeting this coming week and the feeling is that Miami will be discussed and possibly offered. This could create a real domino effect. There are several schools that need to be watched. The first is Arkansas. They apparently have a desire to move to the BIG 12. If that happened, the SEC would want Miami. Also, Vanderbilt may have a desire to be an ACC member. If that occurred, Miami again could join the SEC. Louisville is another team that could make a move to either conference. The final team to keep an eye on is Penn State. The have never been real happy in the BIG 10. They too may want to be an ACC or possibly a BIG East member. It seems complicated and it is. The possibility is real that Rutgers could be left out/passed over. If a revised BIG East lost Miami, Syracuse and BC, the conference would be restructured. The real danger would be a possible loss of the BCS and bowl game revenue for the conference.

The ACC charter calls for approval by at least 7 schools. The southern schools (GT, FSU, Clemson) are all in favor of expansion. The northern schools (MD, UVA) are apparently in favor as well. The tobacco schools (NC, NCST, Duke, Wake) hold all the cards. From what I heard from (name of town omitted), Duke will vote against expansion. NC may go along with Duke. NCST is a lean for expansion, while Wake Forest is unsure.

Net, Net-----The next couple of weeks could be real exciting for all of us."

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